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edwardian-lady-scarf-emma-varnamIt is difficult sometimes to know what to wear during the Christmas period. Adverts and magazines project a cosy ideal which seems to combine luxurious cashmere with a sprinkling of sequins. Well I like a well placed sequin as much as anyone, but they are not always practical in front of blazing oven. Probably the best idea would be to wear a combination of comfy outdoor clothes and some wellies and get out for a good old stomp in the open air.

edwardian-lady-scarf-emma-varnamAt work I have not found it that easy to combine the need to look ‘serious’ and ‘professional’ with the desire to be just a little bit festive. But I had a little nugget of inspiration and rootled around in my drawers. I shopped my wardrobe and combined this bohemian inspired supermarket cardigan with an old design sample.

edwardian-lady-scarf-emma-varnamI made this Edwardian Lady scarf for Inside Crochet Magazine back in 2013. You can have a look at the design process in this post. Botanical designs had just started to appear on the catwalk and since then, have not lost their popularity. The scarf itself is a very basic design, but all the details are crocheted and embroidered. I do like the idea of adding beads and sequins to my work. On this scarf they add just enough festive glitter.

I must say that these images are utterly gorgeous. I know the model is by the Thames, but doesn’t the styling look ever so Parisian? Gorgeous!

edwardian-lady-scarf-emma-varnamThe other side of Christmas I know I will crave the colours of Spring. So in the next few weeks I will wearing this outfit combo repetitively. I wonder if you have discovered an old make in your wardrobe recently? I think my resolution for next year should be re-using old handmade samples more – they are original bespoke designs after all!


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