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18/08/2011 · 1 comment

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Firstly thank you to all my lovely friends who sent me a postcard recently in response to my blog post, really lovely. Most of these lovely cards have found their way onto to the pin board for inspiration. Secondly the lovely Mrs J, spotted this fab bag and thought of me and my Tunnock Tea Cake obsession. I love it! I think might become the new knitting bag.

Now I felt a little celebratory ‘show and tell’ was in order. A couple of people have emailed me photos of their finished projects, which is so exciting. I met a really lovely lady only a couple of weeks ago at a party and we started talking about knitting/crochet (can you imagine how rock and roll my life is?) She wanted to make a couple of teacosies as Christmas presents and another friend interjected and said she should use my cable pattern. Well shockingly this photo arrived. Really nice. I especially like the cute small one.

Finally I taught my friend J to knit in March. By May she had made all these things, and most of the items are from her own design

In May she decided she wanted to learn to crochet. So in one evening I showed her how to crochet. My goodness who knew that quite so much speed and skill could be achieved. This is a laptop cover and phone cover of her own design, using Drops Cotton and 3mm needle. Fairly intricate stuff. She was inspired to use colours she had see on her holiday in Croatia.  How cool is that! I take no credit for the teaching. J has that wonderful ‘no fear’ style. It’s like watching someone play jazz piano through intuition. Very cool.


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