Snow Baby Penguin and Blanket

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On the other day a very good friend of mine asked me, ‘How do you get your ideas? Do you never run out?’. If you are a crafty person you will probably guess my answer: I have more ideas in my head than I have time to make them. Very often the ideas in my head take months to make their way from an unconscious thought through to a final design. When we were in Italy in June I fell in love with the monochrome tiles in our hotel. Their worn age and the simple patterns were so addictive. The idea of these patterns lodged itself quite firmly in my head. Then in September I began to play with ‘plarn’ it was such a fun idea to make things with old plastic bags, but other commitments meant I could really make very much more with this material. Then on a trip of Black Sheep Wools to pick up another ball of red yarn for my Granny Square I spotted the incredibly fluffy ‘Flutterby’ by James C Brett. I knew immediately it would make a brilliant and super cool baby blanket.

But why the Penguin?

So there you are the journey of an idea.’But what about the penguin?, you ask….ah well…can you guess who was with me on my yarn shopping trip. Yes the very same Mr B, lover of all things to do with birds and especially Penguins. It was he who picked up the grey ball of yarn and said, ‘This feel like a baby Penguin!’ – so there it had to be designed an made.


Hooks and Tips

I have used a 6mm hook to make both items. I would suggest that you just use a remnant of orange yarn for the beak. With fashion yarns like this one you need to have a good long end to sew in. They are more slippery to secure so I like to sew in the ends very firmly.

snow-baby-penguinCute People and their cute toys

It is a very long time since I have designed for the gorgeous Inside Crochet and I do so love working with them. My only problem was wrestling the Penguin off Mr B so that he could go and have his photograph taken. It wasn’t long before he was returned. Claire the stylist knows how much the Penguin would be missed, and her own daughter was so fond of our snowy feathered baby that she had made it a pom-pom necklace as a surprise gift for Mr B. There you go, the joy of making cute things for cute people. Priceless.

These two patterns are published in the current addition of Inside Crochet Magazine – Issue 97



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