Stan and Em Again

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stanley and emily -emma varnamIn the last few weeks I have been juggling making new patterns for my next book and trying to make a second version of my toys for a rather famous retailer. Not too shabby, but a little bit stressful. Before Christmas I found out that my book, Cute Crocheted Animals would perhaps go on display in a high street shop. How exciting! But the shop wanted to display the real toys for customers to see.

stanley and emily -emma varnamCrafting Carefully

If you have made any of the animals from the book, you will know that these little fellas are not a quick project. To get a little chap of real loveable character you will need to spend a fair few hours crafting your creatures carefully.

stanley and emily -emma varnamI had this terrible feeling that the original little guys might go walkies. So I thought that I could make a second version of Emily and Stanley as demonstration models.

Coming back to the patterns

It has been rather lovely coming back to the patterns, over a year on. Many of you have noticed that I have added extra character to the faces and have asked me how I have done it. I am sorry that I don’t appear to have added this into the book. But I place two small stitches under each of the eyes and pull the sides of the face slightly together.

stanley and emily -emma varnamHomemade not machine made

Don’t forget that the joy and magic of a homemade toy is that it crafted by hand. It is not meant to look like it was made by a machine, but rather lovingly crafted in the hands of the maker. Now I almost can’t part with these guys too…

stanley and emily -emma varnam

I love seeing photos of the animals you have made so please keep posting them on facebook or on ravelry, so that I can enjoy them! Have a very happy crafting and creating weekend.

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