Sunshine Throw

17/02/2011 · 2 comments

in Craft,Crochet

I just had to share with you perhaps the most successful crochet project I have finished yet. I am so pleased with it, that it now is slung permanently on our landing banisters. Little B did ask the other day, ‘Why is this here? What is it keeping warm?’ This is a very good point. Without too much schmaltz I would answer ‘Me, just by looking at it’ The pattern is so satisfying, and if you have read previous blogs you will know that I LOVE crashing through that ever mounting stash. This blanket definitely helped.

Please do visit the very inspirational blog of Alicia Paulson, who created the pattern. Reading her blog warms my heart and I take enormous inspiration from her books. This is a project for the dedicated, but the result is just so satisfying. I have used the pattern to make a rather loud cushion for our kitchen, which I might share at a later stage but it would clashity clash with this muted beauty.

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