Taking a break – for a little rest and inspiration

02/09/2013 · 4 comments

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mallorca13.11 You might have noticed a little silence on my part – a wee break of a week. Ah the peace and the quiet….


Well we have just returned from a week away on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca. No technology, no surfing the web, just fun in the sun and a little bit of reading with some restful needle time. Lovely. If you read this blog often, you know that I am a big fan of the British staycation. I think you can go the length and breath of these isles and find a different landscape, a unique experience and not even get on a plane.



But there is something about being outside of your culture, listening to the ‘different music’ of a language not of your own, which is so refreshing. Each year I am drawn to colour, the flowers, the markets and the sky.

mallorca13.3 mallorca13.4 mallorca13.5 mallorca13.7

Look at that colour!

mallorca13.14 mallorca13.8 mallorca13.9 mallorca13.12 This year I found myself looking at the architecture, interior and exterior. So beautiful. I actually took fewer photos this year, wanting perhaps to be in the moment rather than recording it. Just a little bit of rest, great memories and a smidgeon of inspiration.


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