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ev - ls1 Not mine…oh my no, but the talent of all the fabulous photographers that I have worked with over the years. At the end of the summer a good friend of mine, Lucy Smith offered to help me with some new ‘proper’ photos. I know Lucy’s work well. She is the most wonderful wedding photographer, but she also takes great portraits and family shots. Great photographers have the knack of alchemy, capturing a personality, the real person, a person relaxed. It was wonderful to watch Lucy work; clever, intuitive, funny and inventive.

ev - ls2 ev - ls3

When I see images of my work by proper photographers it seems to make all the difference. The photography of Britt Spring is simply wonderful for Inside Crochet. She can make a design so beautiful. The images in my books are also so beautiful and wonderfully lit.


Look at this pretty image of baby Amber taken by Lucy wearing a little hat I made. Isn’t she scrumptious? This is an image her parents will treasure forever, and I will treasure because it shows up the stitches of the crochet.

ev - ls4

When you take your own photos, perhaps even use the myriad of filters and frames on Instagram, then I think you can appreciate the real skill in the trained photographer. That my friends is craft.

Have a wonder into Lucy’s website to look at her wonderful work and all watch the gorgeous video which really gives a flavour of this fabulous woman. Smith Imaging

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