Teacozies ~ Seasonal Style

17/11/2013 · 0 comments

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I am so sorry. I promised a week of teacozies and then life caught up with me and I failed to deliver on my promise. Today I have two teacozy designs to show you, both with seasonal slant.


If might be a little late in the Autumn to make a Pumpkin cozy. But keep this in your memory bank for next year. I love this design so much because it is quick and easy to make. Teapots are also the perfect shape to replicate a pumpkin and the curly tendril just tops the pumpkin off nicely.


You might however still have time to make this Plum Pudding cozy. I am quite a fan of Christmas pudding and whilst I don’t theme my whole house at Christmas, it makes me smile so much to bring out this design on the tea-tray in the run up to the Christmas season.


Thinking about it, both these designs were inspired by hats. When Little B was little I made a pumpkin hat and a Christmas pud hat for him. He looked so adorable in both. He was also too young to know how naughty his mother was, and couldn’t complain. I will pay for the therapy later.

Both these designs are in Teacozies 4 available here and here.

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