Teacozies ~ The classic cupcake

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Oh yes – it  is teatime and what could be more delightful than to whip out your cupcake teacozy to amuse both yourself and your friends. There are lots of patterns across the world on this theme. Over the years I have tried to perfect a crochet version of the design. For this pattern I have reversed the double crochet pattern for the pretty pink icing.


This decision was based on a conversation with my friend J – once my crochet pupil, now crochet genius (how annoying!) We were talking about one of her designs that used a double crochet spiral and it went like this:

Me: You know this is the wrong side of the pattern?

J: Really! Well I prefer it.

Me: Mmmm, good point – it doesn’t really matter anyway.

So there you go, challenged by the matter of fact design decisions of J, I think that the reverse side is a better choice. Little seed beads give this design a little sprinkle of star dust.

Both these designs are in Teacozies 4 available here and here.


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