The Circus Blanket

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Sometimes you make something and you feel just a little bit joyful about it. You have an idea, plan a project, make it and then it turns out grand.  This is true of the Circus Blanket. The idea, what it would look like and how I would make it was a thing of moments. Those are really the best. I’m telling you this – because it is not always so. Sometimes the ideas, the design seem to be very hard won.

This design is issue 110 of Inside Crochet Magazine. I love working with this magazine and when I can it is great fun to collaborate with the team.


I have used the gorgeous faded shades of Stylecraft Batik DK. This yarn is a firm favourite with me for crochet. It is beautiful to work with and I always enjoy the muted shades. I matched a rainbow of colours with Stylecraft Life DK. For me the slightly lighter twist of Life, works better with Batik. I find Special DK is a bit too bouncy and fluffy to match the tension.


Now my friends you can work this blanket in two ways. It is worth you knowing before you start. The basic design uses the corner-to-corner technique; building on treble cluster blocks diagonally. In the magazine I have provided some technique photos. But if you are unsure then do look at the myriad of video tutorials available on the web. Because there are many different colours involved in the blanket. That does mean there are quite a few colour changes (that also means ends being sewn in – don’t be surprised by that). If you don’t fancy working on a large diagonal you can break up the design into squares and then sew the squares together. This is an easier option for a beginner.


This blanket design is totally inspired by patchwork patterns and the wonderful illusions that repeated patterns can make. I love the mix of colours and in the still quite dark days of early spring this project brightens up any evening. My advice would be to get cracking now and then by the time we have summer picnics and trips to the beach, your new Circus Blanket will be ready and waiting for a fun excursion.

If you don’t live in the UK – you can get the pattern via the Inside Crochet online subscription.


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