The Debbie Bliss Fan Club week #1 – Debbie Bliss Home

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deb14home7 If you follow me on twitter and facebook you will have an inkling of why this week is a big Debbie Bliss celebration on the blog. But later this week I am going to show you some exciting patterns that I have been developing with Debbie and Team Bliss. Exciting times!

deb14home2I have kept of meaning to blog about my fabulous trip just before Christmas to London and the opening of Debbie’s new shop, Debbie Bliss Home. Being able to spend a day on the train and visiting gorgeous Debbie and her family was a huge treat and I was fortunate that we could work it around family commitments. Above is my beloved Harris Tweed Debbie Bliss project bag….you see you must always stay on message and loyal with your accessories!


Debbie and Nell have opened a new shop in the heart of the old village of Walthamstow in the East of London (Orford Road, E17). This area of London is becoming increasingly trendy and there was a very cool vibe.

deb14home4 deb14home5 deb14home6 deb14home8It reminded me very much of the cool areas of South Manchester. As you can imagine the look and the product choice within the shop is exquisite. A great mix of affordable gifts, classic designs and homewares from Debbie’s own range.

deb14home1I spent a blissful (pub intended) day sipping a vast amount of Prosecco, catching up with yarn heroes including Sarah Hatton and meeting old friends (Debbie, Teresa and Nell). I also got a tour of Walthamstow village with the dashing Mr Barry Bliss.

DBHome4If you are in the area, go – it is a lovely haven of style and serenity. But if you live far to far away then pop by the on-line shop. I continue to love me Debbie Bliss mugs and tea towels and they are the perfect pressie for yarn fans.

Debbie is now over in India at the moment on a Knit for Peace tour – pop over to her blog to see her adventures.

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