The Easter Break – a perfect crafting time

28/03/2016 · 1 comment

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ralphy2I love Easter. The break this year seems to have come upon on so quickly but it has been joyful just to slow down. I am not sure what the weather has been like with you? We have had a mixed bunch of some sunshine and then some heavy showers. Having time at home has meant there has been more time to curl up and enjoy dedicated crochet time. I should be in the garden. But it has been rather soggy. I should also be clearing out the cellar or tidying the loft. But no, instead we have cuddled on the sofa or pootled around the house.


There are a number of commissions I have been finishing. I have now finished number two blanket of three. All have been enjoyable. However when I am making blankets, I want to make toys – when I am surrounded by little toys, I crave the simplicity of blanket work.


So in the midst of finishing and pattern writing, I spent a few hours making Ralphy. He is worked up using the odds and ends from my last blanket. There is something quite cheeky about making something from the very ends of your yarn. Like a stolen project. Plus he is quite the dapper chap. This shape of this cuddly toy is intended for baby hands, but when we had friends over yesterday he was discovered in my project basket by a nine year old and immediately adopted. No matter that Ralphy was hot off the hook, a toy is to be played with, not kept in a basket.

Today will be about pattern writing and proof reading, not my favourite aspect of the design world. So you never know I might find myself distracted by a household chore instead; the grass or chore is always greener on the side.

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