The last minute rush

24/12/2013 · 3 comments

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I am dashing in to say ‘Happy Christmas’ and I hope you have a lovely festive time, whatever you are doing.

I have been rushing to finish some homemade gifts ready for the festive period. Apart from the Christmas jumper commission this year, Little B will not really welcome a ‘Mummy-made’ gift. On the other hand there are plenty of grown-ups I can make for and this year has been such a teacosy year, that I decided to go with the flow. Having spent some time working on my own patterns I tend to relax by following or altering someone elses.


Seeing the utterly fabulous Debbie Bliss in October must have prompted me to return to my astonishingly large archive of her patterns. I combined my love of this colour combination with a teacosy pattern in Debbie’s first ever magazine. Then I got on a bit of a roll, and couldn’t stop. I thought of all the favourite  colours of my friends and set about making them a matching teapot.


I found this classic Brown Betty teapot in my local hardwear shop and knew that what it really needed was a rutstic cosy. Something serviceable, practical and definitely it shouldn’t be treated with kid gloves.


Finally I promised my long suffering sister that I would make a little tank top for her cutie wee son. Of all the projects this Christmas I have really wanted to finish this one. My nephew is such a bonnie wee thing and I think he will look so scrumptious in at tank top. Happily I finished it last night and it is quietly blocking ready for our exchange of gifts.

So what is next? A bit of a gap, both in terms of the blog and in my yarn world. I promised myself and my family some time off the digital world and a little slower pace on the knitting front. So I will say ‘Happy Christmas’ lovelies and have a really great ‘New Year’ and I will see you in 2014.

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