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garter-stitch-cowl-hayfield-bonus-super-chunkyIt occurs to me very often that the simple things in life are often the best. I enjoy learning new knitting and crochet techniques. I am still delighted that in the summer I had fun with the corner-to-corner crochet technique. However when it comes to chunky wool and snuggly accessories you can’t beat a basic garter stitch.

Just to be very plain – garter stitch is using a knitting stitch on every row. When you use a chunky yarn like this Hayfield Bonus Chunky yarn the stitch definition looks really good. I got this yarn from Hobbycraft and used just over 1 ball to create this basic but luxurious Autumn Cowl. Each ball is only £2.30 at the moment, so makes a very reasonably priced present.


This pattern is so simple I am not even going to write it up in my normal format.

I used: 2 balls of Hayfield Bonus Chunky in Cinder. 1 pair of 9mm knitting needles. 1 large tapestry needle for sewing in ends.

Cast on 22 stitches. Knit every row until your knitting measures 60cm (23.5in). Cast off.

Make a simple twist once with one end. Then sew the cast on and cast off edges together to create a circle.

garter-stitch-cowl-hayfield-bonus-super-chunkySimple Details

Little details in knitting and crochet make all difference to your finished item. When I work garter stitch and scarves I always slip the first stitch of every row. This provides a lovely neat edging and changes your work from looking ‘beginner knitter’ to ‘proficient knitter’.

Weekend project

Most knitters can master the garter stitch and this weekend project will provide you with a quick and easy accessory that you can wear with pride on Monday morning.

What projects are you making this weekend? Don’t forget to drop me a line below to tell me what you are making


The yarn used for this project was sent to me by Hobbycraft – you can buy the yarn via their online shop. If this is the first time you have visited my blog and have come over from Hobbycraft – Hello it is nice to see you – please pop by again!



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