The Take-Away Dolls House

© kirsten mavric
© kirsten mavric

My designs are always inspired by people. Like my father, I do like to people-watch. Sometimes designs are a developed concept from a toy I enjoyed in my childhood. My latest design for Inside Crochet Magazine (issue 67) is dedicated to all the little girls we know as a family. Lots of our friends have the most delightful little girls. Fun-loving, joyful and brimming with imaginary play. I love sitting and watching how they play out little scenarios. How they enjoy positioning and repositioning toys and furniture. It makes me smile.

mousehouse2 mousehouse3

For a while I have been looking at cloth dolls houses and had a crochet version on my to-do list. This year I was determined to design my own.  The Take-Away Dolls House and my Bonnie Bunny and Bed-Set were on my 2015 ambition list.

mousehouse4 mousehouse5

This design is easy crochet – but fiddly construction. Patience is needed and you will need to do some sewing. But oh the delight of creating a little heirloom project. I like to use felt for my details, but crochet flowers and trees would work just as well. I have made some basic furniture. Other designers across the web have created crochet furniture for dolls houses, so you could mix and match.

© kirsten mavric
© kirsten mavric

The little mouse looks rather content in her house! Well, my little friends, Betsy, Macy, Libby, Amelie, Eve, Esther and Evie – this design is dedicated to you and your imagination – come round and play!

10 thoughts on “The Take-Away Dolls House”

  1. I fear that lots of grown girls might want this Emma. My nearly 13 year old wants one too!!! Very, very cute!

  2. Beverley Williams

    Hi love love love this little house , really loveto make one , please let me knowwhreei can purchase pattern xxx

  3. Hello I just love this pattern and really want to make for my granddaughter is there a free copy some where? Please send me the link ? Thank you and god bless

  4. Congratulations! It’s really beautiful. May I ask you if there is any pattern?
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi I Really like the house and the furniture and the cute mouse.So do you have the pattern,and please may I have the pattern to the cute house? Thank you so much My grand babies will love to play with so much and have many house of fun.

  6. Linda Croley

    Click on the link above for Inside Crochet Magazine, then click at the top on magazine and go down where it lists magazine numbers, it’s number 67. You have to buy the magazine.

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