The Take-Away Dolls House

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© kirsten mavric © kirsten mavric

My designs are always inspired by people. Like my father, I do like to people-watch. Sometimes designs are a developed concept from a toy I enjoyed in my childhood. My latest design for Inside Crochet Magazine (issue 67) is dedicated to all the little girls we know as a family. Lots of our friends have the most delightful little girls. Fun-loving, joyful and brimming with imaginary play. I love sitting and watching how they play out little scenarios. How they enjoy positioning and repositioning toys and furniture. It makes me smile.

mousehouse2 mousehouse3

For a while I have been looking at cloth dolls houses and had a crochet version on my to-do list. This year I was determined to design my own.  The Take-Away Dolls House and my Bonnie Bunny and Bed-Set were on my 2015 ambition list.

mousehouse4 mousehouse5

This design is easy crochet – but fiddly construction. Patience is needed and you will need to do some sewing. But oh the delight of creating a little heirloom project. I like to use felt for my details, but crochet flowers and trees would work just as well. I have made some basic furniture. Other designers across the web have created crochet furniture for dolls houses, so you could mix and match.

© kirsten mavric © kirsten mavric

The little mouse looks rather content in her house! Well, my little friends, Betsy, Macy, Libby, Amelie, Eve, Esther and Evie – this design is dedicated to you and your imagination – come round and play!

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