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The second patten in Inside Crochet this month is my Campervan doorstop. I am feeling much love for this campervan. It was inspired by my dear friend Mrs S. She is very fond of VW vans but does not actually own one. To thank her for a kindness, I attempted to make a campervan keyring. It did not go well. I told her and even showed her the yarn disaster. she casually threw out the suggestion that you could make a doorstop.

Ah ha!!! Yes! So I set to.

Now lets talk about logistics. I do really love crochet for its robust construction and I think a double crochet stitch is ideal for this. You could make crochet wheels if you wanted to, but I really like the shiny nature of the buttons. In this version for the magazine I have not personalised the number plate, but the original which belongs to Mrs S has her name embroidered on the plate.

The campervan is filled with a combination of a large bag of rice contained in a cotton bag plus some polyester filling.

I used grey felt for the windows because I felt it would give a cleaner look but you could crochet some. I also used a slightly darker thread to act as the shadow of the line of the doors and boot. To attach all the crochet pieces together I used slip stitch on the wrong side and then turned the work right side out. I think doorsstops definitely take a bit of wear and tear, so you want your construction to be really firm.

Mr and Mrs S are very kind supporters of our family and have been particularly encouraging on my crochet/blog journey. Isn’t nice to see how kindness can ignite inspiration… Thank you  Mrs S xxx

Additional Info:

Lots of you ask me for copies of this pattern – A new version of this pattern can be bought via the Inside Crochet online magazine you can buy it here


63 thoughts on “Campervan Love”

    1. I loved your campervan – it looks totally amazing – I tried to comment on your blog but it wouldn’t let me – but what you have done has totally made my day xxx

      1. Please could you kindly send me the pattern for you gorgeous campervan.
        Many thanks – Susan, Wales, UK

  1. hi there,
    I have a friend who would love to have this pattern for our crochet/knitting class. Do you happen to have the pattern for sale as the I am unable to purchase a copy of the october Inside Crochet issue. Many thanks

    1. Hello – yes I will try and get a copy for you hopefully I will sort this out this evening for you.

  2. I am trying to find the pattern for the gorgeous van. I would like to make it for my daughter. Can I please have a copy?

  3. We camp with a crew of about 20. I would love to make them this for christmas! Can I get a copy of the pattern? Thanks.

  4. I really love this campervan! Is it possible to get this pattern? I would love to make this van for my son.

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  6. Hi, what a fabulous find. I know you’ve been asked many times before but I really would appreciate it if you could let me have the pattern? I have just bought a VW campervan and would love to make one to go in my bus.

    Many thanks


  7. Hi, I too have a campervan and would love to make this to go in my VW bus – it is gorgeous – do you have the pattern for saleanywhere? would you email me the details please – Kelly x

  8. Samantha McRae

    I love love love this and my BFF would love it even more. I have noticed a few comments about the pattern and would love to buy it from you? Many thanks and beautiful work!x

  9. Jayne Johnston

    My friend is just about to have a baby and I would love to make this as a gift for her. She has a bright yellow VW camper van which she loves. Can you tell me how to get the pattern? Thank you?

  10. Hello. My dad is mad on campervans. Could I gave the pattern please so I can make it for his 60th. Thank you

  11. Hello. My dad is mad on campervans. could i have the pattern please so I can make it for his 60th. Thank you

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  14. Hello,

    Can I please have the pattern, my dad loves campervans and next week it’s his birthday.

    Thank you!

  15. natalielouise

    Hi My friends are getting married in May and this would make a fab gift! how do I get the pattern?

  16. Please can you tell me how I can buy the pattern for your camper van. Thank you

  17. Absolutley fabulous – can you please let me know where I can buy a pattern? Many thanks, Yana

  18. Hi Emma,
    This camper-van is fantastic! Is there anywhere I can get the pattern from?! I absolutely love it 🙂 xx

  19. Christine Walton

    Hello Emma
    I would be so very grateful if you could send me a copy of your crochet campervan pattern so I can make it for my campervan-crazy son please.
    Thank you so much. You are so clever to devise this!

  20. Brenda Hardiman

    Please can you supply the pattern for the campervan doorstop? My son-in-law would love to have the ral thing but I think this is the nearest he is going to get.
    Many thanks, Brenda.

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  22. Hi Emma
    I am trying so hard to get a copy of your amazing camper van, I have some friends getting married, they have a camper van called Archie, I would love to make one for them!
    Please do you have the pattern for sale??
    Thank you in anticipation,

  23. Daar Emma,

    Can I please get the pattern, because this summer we hire à Volkswagen camper.

    Thank you very much already.
    Kind Renards,

  24. Has anyone got the knitting pattern to this that they could send me or has anyone got a link to anywhere i can buy it? Thanks in advance Rik

  25. Hi,
    I love this and would be perfect for a friend. Could I have a copy of the pattern please.
    Thank you.

    1. Dear Joanne,
      Thank you so much for your comment – I am currently re-working this pattern and it will be available soon via Inside Crochet magazine

  26. I am completely infatuated with VW buses! They are a huge part of my childhood memories as my father owned at least four of them when I was growing up. How can I purchase this pattern? Much Thanks!!!

    1. Dear Hilary – how lovely, and what a wonderful story. I have just finished a new version of this pattern and it will be available soon through Inside Crochet Magazine. i will keep you posted on when it will be available.

  27. Joanne Devereux

    Omg! I love this. It would be perfect for my brother in law. Please could you send me the pattern or tell me where I can find it please.


    1. Dear Joanne,
      The pattern will be reprinted soon in Inside Crochet Magazine and will be available on-line – I’ll keep people posted via the blog.

  28. Hi still searching for this fab pattern but can’t find it to buy anywhere…..please help..many thanks xx

  29. Katrien Luyts

    Hi, I really love this camper van I would like to make one for my godchild. However I can’t seem to get access from Europe to download the magazine in which it was published..
    Is it possible to get a copy?
    Warm regards,

  30. Katie Wharfe

    Hi Emma, I have just purchased this months Inside Crochet magazine so I can make your camper and was just wondering if you could tell me what size buttons you used for the wheels please as it doesn’t say a size in the magazine, thanks in advance, Katie

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  32. Rebecca Swanson

    Hi Emma I have just started to make this camper van following the pattern in inside crochet. When you get to row 92 which is the top, it says to change yarn for row 93 and dc 1 row and then fasten off . But I think it should have a few more rows for the colour at the back . Please help x

    1. Dear Rebecca, I am so sorry there is a mistake in this pattern it should read –

      Row 93: change to yarn A, 1 ch dc across, turn, (do not fasten off).

      Rep last row 19 further times to complete the 20 rows of Yarn A that you have in the sides before you fasten off

      Sorry for the mistake – I hope this helps.

  33. Hi I would like a copy of the camper van for my brother for his birthday it looks absolutely fab would be nice for his seventeenth birthday .

  34. I so want to learn to crochet and make one of these. I’m Vw mad and always admire the amazing things some people can make, wish I was one

  35. Hello
    what a nice campervan!! We have a camper and I would like to make this lovely campervan in crochet for decorating our camper. Is it possible to send the pattern by mail, or to tell me how I can get the pattern? I’m ready to pay for it, but tell me how I must do it.
    thanks in advance and happy new year.
    patricia from belgium

  36. Hello, I am desperately trying to obtain a copy of the campervan pattern but having no luck. Please can you tell my how I can get hold of it, many thanks lovely! xx

  37. Where can I buy this pattern? I followed the link to the magazine but it only offered issue 60-something.

  38. Can you email me the pattern over been looking online most of the night for the crochet pattern of campervan and can’t found one.

  39. maddie smith

    Hi, All the websites I have looked at state this pattern is free, but I cant find a free version to download, I love your blog and wondered if you would be able to help…

  40. I would like to have a copy off the be wagon I can’t seem to find a pattern or purchase it do you still have it available thank you

  41. I would like to have a copy off the be wagon I can’t seem to find a pattern or purchase it do you still have it available thank you

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