Crocheted Keyrings and Charms #6 ~ very me

There are a number designs in the new book which were initially developed on this blog. They were born here and I have now refined (and had the pattern checked) and the new versions are part of the book.

Perhaps the most popular is One’s Royal Keyring. This design was inspired by the royal wedding two years ago, but had a resurgence last year for the Jubilee. It just appeals to my sense of humour really. This is one of my favourite pictures from the book.

Another early design on the blog was The Homey House keyring, which is perfect for the house keys. With many of these designs I have kept them flat, so they are not too bulky in a bag. Just as this is was one of my first keyrings, this is a perfect beginners project.

Of all the projects which are archived on the blog, my campervan doorstop is perhaps the most popular. So many of us really love campervans and the romance of the open-road. Few people are lucky enough to own one. But if you know someone with a hidden passion for ‘home on wheels’ this would be a quick and easy present for them.

Finally the Strawberry charms are intended to bring a bit of jolly summer detail to your handbag or beach basket. I hope you like them

Crocheted Keyrings and Charms #5 ~ a little bit grrrr

Big exciting weekend coming up – the book is being published Yey hey! In the run up to Sunday I will post more images from the book and then on Sunday I will have a bit of a ‘gift’ opportunity for readers of the blog as a little celebration.

So today I am looking to the more ‘Grrr’ designs in the book. You can’t be a Mum of a little boy without thinking about what they might like hanging off their rucksack. I did ask Little B to choose his favourites for you – but honestly he predicably said,  Parker Penguin, Little Monster, Terry Tortoise and Otto Owl. ‘Thanks sweetie, I have featured those already!’ here and here.

What he did include is the Rocket – this is a design have evolved from a badge I made him a couple of years ago. Still a favourite trinket.

Thinking about other little boys and big boys in our life I designed these football (soccer) shirts. In my family the preference would be for rugby and I think you could easily adapt the design to reflect your team preference.

This sneaker is perhaps one of my most favourite designs of the whole book. I really love it. We currently have a pair of blue sneakers which almost replicate this keyring but I also know two little girls who are rocking the pink and red version of those shoes. So this design would be perfect for a summer birthday pressie.

Finally, who doesn’t need a ‘Jolly Roger’ keyring. Seriously, who is going to steal your keys with this bad boy?  I reckon you could change the yarn to use neon and it would look pretty funky on any bag. So there you go – something for the boys/funky girls.

Crocheted Keyrings and Charms #4

You know how much I love a cupcake – this is a new version of a favourite theme.

This chicken might look complicated but it really is a project for a beginner!

Lulu ladybird is really dedicated to my sister and is one of my favourite patterns. I really like the effect of using sequins and a bugle bead and seed bead combo for the antennae.

Are you getting a bit fed up of these previews? I hope not! I had a lovely weekend. Big B had ordered my book from a famous on-line retailer and it arrived in it’s very recognizable envelope and Little B danced round the kitchen with excitement. It was a lot of fun. Then we watched it sell-out, which was quite weird and just for a laugh I said, I wonder if the ‘The Book People’ will ever stock it? Big B checked and they are! The thought of it turning up in staff rooms and office brew rooms makes me laugh! I really liked the sound of the owner of ‘The Book People’ when I heard her on a Radio 4 – so I feel quite honoured.

Crocheted Keyrings and Charms #3 – the classics

It was exciting this week as my author copies arrived for my book, Crocheted Keyrings and Bagcharms. Little B grabbed the top copy and went through first to find his name (quite roughly I might add) and then passed comments on which designs he liked or didn’t like….

Today I have three more sneaky peek images. These are new versions/refined versions of some of  my original designs for keyrings.

The Russian doll is intricate but really quite simple to make, she has a special place in my heart. I have quite a few versions of this design for girlfriends of mine.

Otto Owl was developed with Little B in mind and whenever I make a new version of this design, they get picked up from my stash and adopted by visitors to our house.

Finally the apple slice keyring is so simple to make and the first version was made for a thank you present to school teachers. I love it. With all of these designs I try very hard to have practicality in mind. I do try to keep the design robust. Many of the designs are flat, so they don’t take up too much space in a bag or pocket. In all cases I would change the colours to suit who you are making them for.

Crocheted Keyrings and Charms #2 – sooo cute

Another little sneaky peek at patterns which feature in my book – Crocheted Keyrings and  Charms. This time I have chosen a few little cuties.

If you know this blog, you will also know that Little B inspired this little charm. When I made Parker Penguin, I literally made him in secret and hid him away before his beady eyes could spot the little cheeky fellow.You can see the basic shape is inspired by the Penguin bunting I made two years ago for Little B’s birthday (where did those years go?).

Little Green Monster is a miniature version of my much larger Littlest Green Monster, which was one of the very first Amigurumi patterns I ever created. Still popular as a small cuddly. I absolutely adore this photo of the cheeky chap.

Terry Tortoise has been very popular with all those who have seen him. Quite small but very cute I think you could make his shell in a range of colours and give him to either little boys or girls.

Finally Archie Dog is based on a real Westie called Archie. He is a homage to my friend Mrs J. We all have great memories of the cheeky white puppy, who was really the first baby we cooed over, before our real more boisterous babies arrived. I think this pattern would also make a rather fine black or chocolate Labrador, but you could also stick some felt spots on him to make a very cute Dalmatian.

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