Crochet – What have I been making?


The busier I get the more frustrated become that I don’t seem able to find time to share ongoing projects with you. Over the summer and into the September lots of fun crochet things have been happening in the background. Lots that I am not able to share with you. A few years ago I used to make and design quite a few knitted and crochet jumpers. These are very labour and time intensive and now it seems that my design work has developed towards toys and babywear – with a heap of cowls and scarves thrown in for good measure. I am not sorry about that, because if I am honest I only like to design garments that I would actually wear and more often than not I am inspired by children and making gifts for friends.


I have done a few fun projects which will be included in a collaborative book very soon. I can’t wait to share those with you. I am also thrilled to tell you that I am now working on my next solo book. I am so excited about this project and it is just the sort of design I love to make.

Next week I am involved in the Stylecraft Blogtour. Have a look at their website to see which bloggers are involved. To celebrate their introduction of new shades for the Special DK range I will be posting two new free patterns.


Finally last night and this morning I set to making a little dachshund puppy. I don’t often make commissions. It is a very funny business really, few people realise the time and the effort it takes to create things. It is as if they think there is a time machine that I put the wool and the hook in and the finished article comes out just a few hours later fully formed. Sometimes I think I will measure how long it take me to make something. Does a beanie hat take me 6 hours, or 8 hours, I am not entirely sure. That is why I only make for love – and design for money. Anyway a dear friend asked if I could make her a little sausage dog for her daughter. I love this little girl and I am very happy to delight her with her own bespoke pet, plus I had such fun making him. So welcome to the world Sizzles, you are very sweet and inspired by a very bright girl.

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  1. Love Sizzles – might he be of Charlie and Lola? I have just made a reversible Frozen cape for my little niece – and as you say it’s definitely for love! It would seem we might have made two little girls on either side of the pond happy – and how lovely is that !

    1. Yes – I love that dog! I am so delighted by the idea of a reversible cape – what a great idea! It is such great fun to make x

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