Crocheteted Keyrings and Charms ~ on the shelves

So my little book is now out and available in the shops – I am very excited. There are so many crochet books out there at the moment, so I am very fortunate to be able to fulfil this dream. My idea for the book really was born from this blog. As I started making keyrings as gifts for my son and a couple of his friends I began to publish them as free patterns on this site. The wonderful people at Crochet Pattern Central in America also began to link to them, and after discussions they realised that they need to start a new category. That got me thinking. There were very few published keyring patterns and it made me think that there might be a gap in the market for a book. I was lucky  that the publishers at GMC agreed. They do a wonderful series called ‘Cosy’ which brings together 30 designs of one thing. You might have seen their teacosy books.

There are 30 designs in the book – they are designs specifically to be for your keyring or bag. Many of them are flat for that reason. You could also use them to mark your spare keys – or perhaps use them as decorations at Christmas. I find that one of these little charms helps to identify a specific school rucksack in the cloakroom! Crochet is a perfect craft for this type of thing. The little double crochet stitches are very durable and you could easily make many of them in an evening or weekend.

OK – I would like to say ‘thank you’ to a few people – so do feel free to skip this if that sort of thing makes you queasy.

Thank you to my folks and my lovely Big B and Little B for their encouragement and patience. The creative team/family I have at work – they are frequently my inspiration. Jennie for her encouragement, Katie for her faith, the ‘Uncommon Women’ for cheering me on.

A huge thank you and hug to Sue – who read and checked and quizzed me – I will be forever grateful, our friendship is a like a perfect creative marriage.

Finally the team at GMC who are brilliant – specifically Gerrie and the very wonderful Wendy.

But thank you to the editor Nicola (editors make everyone look good) – the gorgeous design of Ginny and the most amazing photos from Anthony Bailey and Andrew Perris.

I have had the most amazing and thrilling experience – thank you .

6 thoughts on “Crocheteted Keyrings and Charms ~ on the shelves”

  1. Congratulations Emma – what a wonderful achievement! Sure it will be a huge success!
    Fabulous photo of all your designs!
    Ali x

  2. Rachel Hillier

    I have learned to crochet with your book and I’ve become quite obsessed with it! I love your designs and they’ve given me loads of ideas for my own variations. The instructions are clear for each key ring and the diagrams and instructions for the stitches used are great for a beginner like me. Love your book!

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