Cute Crocheted Woodland Creatures

It is so exciting to introduce a new book to you. Especially this latest one – which I designed and wrote in the midst of our lockdown life. There haven’t been too many things to celebrate in the Covid year, but perhaps being confined to home has enabled some of us to concentrate on our crafty adventures.

If you have made some of the toys from my previous two Cute Crocheted Animals, you will want to know that these creatures are a different design and shape. They are larger in size and have a natural seat which ensures each animal sits nicely on a shelf or a bed.

When I was a child, I was enchanted by the books of Beatrix Potter. The animals had such character – they are often naughty, cheeky and courageous. My big ambition is to design toys that you will enjoy making
and that children will adore. A toy like that needs character and personality and I believe the best soft toys are handmade. Each stitch has love woven in.


I have aimed to design woodland creatures that are bursting with personality. They all have their own clothes and accessories and you can swap the clothes you choose between each character.


I loved making a my favourites; rabbit, mouse and fox in naturalistic yarn. But in this book there are animals I have been wanting to design for a while. The cheeky Danny Deer, a sweet little Mole and a Finn Frog, complete with flippers and armbands.

If you have used my books before you know that I am very keen on a thorough techniques section. I like to have the diagrams telling you how to do each stitch. Still very important. As I have written more books I know how important it is for you to have my top tips and tricks for successful toy making… all of those are added in to the techniques section.

I do hope you have loved my woodland menagerie. If like me your dreamed of enchanted forests filled with woodland animal playmates, and you
want to share those dreams, then why not try make one of these magical cute crocheted woodland creatures?

I would love to hear what you think – please do leave your comments below.

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