Dear Blog – Happy Anniversary


Dear Blog, Can you believe it has been 10 years, ten years of you and me. Before I say anything, thank you. You have brought such joy to my life.

We both know that you would never have existed if Big B hadn’t set you up. He got so fed up with me saying I was going to do it… that he decided to take matters into his own hands. I am grateful for that – but let’s not forget that it was a clever move on his part. He was finishing off his PHD at that time and distracting me with a little bit of writing and a new project was a very productive way of me not noticing his study time. Smart.

Plus… and I am not taking this away from you – you couldn’t exist without the yarny exploits. If I didn’t knit or crochet there really would be nothing to say. But then you have expanded my yarn horizons more than I could have dreamed.

I definitely wouldn’t have had the opportunity to write and publish books without you. I think we are currently on number 10. That is bizarre and utterly unimaginable a decade ago.

You have enabled me to meet so many wonderful people, some of them were heroes that have become friends. Others are followers of this blog and they have become friends. That is a wonderful and joyful gift. The yarn community is so friendly – you have helped me find them and share our passion.

There have been some years that I have found it difficult to post. Busy years with stretching times. In some cases posting on you dear blog has been a lovely refuge…at other times I haven’t been able to find the words.

Since we began our journey together, new pretenders have come on the scene….twitter (opinion, reaction and debate). Then Pinterest…beautiful, inspirational and then basically a search engine. Facebook…mostly connecting to old friends and some information sharing and then… Instagram – which really is a mini you, but there isn’t the same thought, the time to think. I still love you the most.

You are not one of those blogs that people really comment on. I am not sure why. Sometimes I have made efforts to play the numbers game. But if I am honest that calculated theory takes away the intimacy of our conversation. It becomes technical and less spontaneous. I am not entirely sure if people are still reading. It doesn’t matter. This is a space to be generous and conversational. The best times for blog writing are probably about 3am – sleepless nights. Far better to get the thoughts down than to stare at the ceiling. We have posted over 800 times. Will we carry on? Yes I think so – I am still making, creating and designing. There are still things to share and get excited about.

Well – thank you dear blog…you have given more to me than I can ever had anticipated, planned or dreamed. We have had fun…let’s keep going.

In the past 10 years this post is perhaps my favourite – written in the Christmas holidays of December 2015- January 2016 I was designing and writing Cute Crocheted Animals.

This week to celebrate 10 years of the blog I am having a ‘Giveaway’ of new printed patterns and a crochet kit on Instagram. I will also be surprising one lovely commenter of this blog with a ‘thank you’ gift.

If you enjoy this blog of yarny ramblings – thank you so much for following.

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