Forget-me-not top and Me-made May

It has been a while now since I made some clothes for me. When I say this – what I really mean is finishing clothes that I started knitting. Back in February you might remember I wrote a blog post about two cardigans I was making. One that was a complicated pink fairisle which was actually not that difficult, but requires concentration. Another a pretty blue cardigan, which is actually not that difficult – but I couldn’t get my head round the German short row shaping for the sleeve.


Well after many commissions and secret designing I have finally come back to my cardigan. I have used the Aileas pattern by Isabell Kraemer. It is very very popular and if you search for it on Ravelry you will find lots of pretty version. Because I was unsure of how it would work out I chose to make my first version in an inexpensive yarn – I bought King Cole Subtle Drifter in Ice Blue. It’s got a nice cotton-ish finish with a little bit of a slub texture.


When I bought it I was thinking about cold weather. There is something quite festive about the soft pastel shades in the dark days of winter. But it has taken me so long to finish – that it will be a good transitional piece for Spring.


My good friend Christine from the Winwick Mum blog put me onto a great short row shaping tutorial and I was able to finish off the project. I love the ‘fake’ cable detail. Especially under the arm. Honestly I think I would make one size up if I made it again. I am not sure if this yarn will pill – so we will see. If I make a second, I will invest in a slightly more expensive yarn. But then I should really finish the pretty pink fairisle cardigan I began last year before I embark on another project.


I thought I would also share a little crochet cotton tank that I have made for summer. When it was really hot in April I was inspired to make this little T-shirt that would go over a vest top. It didn’t take long to make and I know it will go with quite a few skirts and shorts in the summer. It will either look quite cool and be very useful, or look very frumpy and I won’t wear it that much. We will see. By the way…crocheting summer clothes is so much faster than knitting. But then you will want your cotton crochet to be light and lacy.


When I finished the top it go me thinking…could I make it into a lovely beach dress? Something to throw over a swimming costume? Yes probably. So this is the project currently on the hook. I am making it in black…which is not very photogenic, but when I finished it I will share a photo. My plan is to add colourful embroidery to each square, that will make it look very tropical and summery.


I really enjoy making my own clothes. Always these days knitted or crocheted. But I don’t have the hutzpah to make for anyone else. Today is a little bit chilly in Britain and when I go out this morning I think I will wear my new cardi. We will see how it feels. I would be fascinated to know if you crochet items of clothing for yourself in the summer? Or do you keep your garment making just to shawls and scarves?

3 thoughts on “Forget-me-not top and Me-made May”

  1. No, I haven’t ventured to make any clothes. I’ve my eye to make some tank tops. I’m so hot nowadays (since menopause).

  2. So far I’ve only made winter woolies, but I have a hankering to make a summer waistcoat for myself for when it’s too hot for jumpers. I’m thinking of using a cotton yarn, because it’s cooler, but as I’ve never used one I haven’t a clue which to go for.

  3. Just be a bit careful with the weight of the yarn, Emma. I crocheted a very beautiful beach dress in white cotton (took ages as it had bands of different patterns) but it was just too heavy to wear on a hot day – and who wants to go to the beach on a cold day?

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