Fun Feet – a new crochet book

funfeetThere are some projects which I get asked to contribute to, which really fire my imagination. When the lovely people asked me at Search Press if I would create some designs for their ‘Fun Feet’ book, my mind started whirring.


The book is full of really cute bootie designs, which look adorable on little feet. As I made each set, they made me smile. I began to line them up on our mantelpiece in the living room and they became quite a talking point when friends visited.


There are 30 designs in the book and I contributed 6 of those designs including; Alien, Monster and Beepbot Booties. I also added Adorable Ducklings, Baa Baa Booties and Playful Pandas. I can’t really say which is my favourite.


Making booties for a new born is always a quick and personal pressie and fun slippers always bring such a smile to any face out and about with the buggy.


There are a couple of booties that I fancy making from other designer. The cheeseburgers on the front cover really tickle my sense of humour and I can see that the fox design would be very popular with any new parent.


Tell me what you think and if there is any animal or character you think I should try and make into a bootie design.

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