Get ready for Flag Day!

When I started to make keyrings a couple of years ago I made this Stars and Stripes design for my American friend Elise. At the time she didn’t crochet much….but now my friends she another of my fly-away crochet addicts and also manages to design her own patterns.

Today was amazing to come home and realise that the wonderful Lion Brand Yarn website in the States has featured the Stars and Stripes design for their 4th July celebration! How cool is that? We are talking yarn royalty here. Anyway if you have time and want to make your own version the pattern is here.

When we were developing the content for Crocheted Keyrings and Charms we steered away from flags, but I think it is quite a popular choice for a gift. So if I ever write a second book maybe I will look into a range of flags.


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