Homey House Doorstop

This doorstop is a small commission from some friends. They wanted to give something personal to a couple getting married. I have taken a LONG time to get to this little project. But it has been in my mind and in my sketch book for about 3 years. Silly really when it is so simple and a perfect ‘new home’ gift.

My experience from making the Campervan and Mr Foxy has ensured that I have assembled the pieces together using a slip stitch seaming technique.  Because this doorstop is not for me I wanted to make sure the applique windows and doors were attached firmly, so I did using the sewing machine for durability.

Finally while writing the book I used the felt and bead decoration on my little Kimono Doll. I repeated the idea to make the cliched roses around the door. If you are interested (don’t answer that!) I used DMC Natura in Aguamania and Prusian.

3 thoughts on “Homey House Doorstop”

  1. I would love to make one of these in a trade mark ‘Three story’ version for myself. My children always draw houses with three floors, it always makes me smile. I think it is a great idea with lovely details. Jo x

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