In anticipation of rest

Does it start on a Thursday night? Perhaps more frequently around 11am on Friday? The planning, the dreaming of weekend making. It is the agony of choice, decisions…decisions. The joy of mediative stitching is so physical so psychological that it needs planning. Have I got all the yarn I need to complete that scarf? What is my mood? Knitting or crochet? Shall I make that new pattern I spied on Instagram? Friday night knitting is the best.

Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of projects that I SHOULD be doing. But the start of the weekend is all about kicking back and enjoying the hobby. Poor planning can get you into mad dash territory. If you are particularly passionate about a project and prepare enough in advance then you can order yarn on-line or work in a visit to your local yarn store. I wish I was always that organised. Yesterday I felt a real yearning (yarning) to finish my most recent Sophie Scarf. This is a beautifully simple knitted neckerchief design by Danish designer Petit Knit. I have a burgundy version I have worn ALOT this winter. Last weekend I cast on my second in a red tweed. But…, but I have played yarn chicken * with this project and so very near the end I have run out of yarn.

Yes… yes… I should know better…my goodness I know… but this is why we all have yarn stashes of part used yarn. In the tiny gap between the school run and making supper I dashed to my nearest yarn stockist (not my favourite place) and was disappointed to find their diminishing stock and fairly bare shelves. Darn…Grrr….Mmmm. Plans are scuppered.

Now it is at this point that we need to get our yarn faces straight. Not a disaster…an opportunity. What is the plan?

Sometimes you will be saintly and return to that long languishing WIP (work in progress). Sometimes you might punish yourself with a …’well forget it all together… I won’t knit/crochet at all tonight!’. (Who am I kidding?). More frequently I will do what I did this weekend. Find a different colour and start the same project. Same mediative stitch, same excellent pattern, new colour. Result.

So you are set up now. A little cheeky date with your yarn. The lamps are on. Perhaps you will have a chilled glass of your favourite tipple. Perhaps you will have the last of the Christmas chocolate. Your place on the sofa is calling. What you really don’t want now. I mean really don’t want is that text/message/phone call. ‘Hey we are going out…do you fancy coming?’ Decisions…decisions. Who am I kidding? Break the ball band lets go!

* Yarn Chicken – is where you estimate that you have enough yarn to finish a project. You dare your self to get to the end. Most of the time we lose yarn chicken. Very rarely we win.

The Green scarf is the Sophie scarf from Petit Knit knitted in Stylecraft Grace. The Pink Blanket is my Soft Summer Blanket – yarn recipe in this blog post. The hexagon blanket is my Spring Garden Blanket which I have never written up.

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  1. Last of the Christmas chocolate!? It’s more than a month since Christmas; what kind of a saint are you?

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