Minty Rocks!

My old friend Jude commented on the image of my first ever ‘homemade sock’ and said that her brother called them ‘Minty Rocks’. I love this name! Plus I was finding it difficult to come up with a name for this pair. A gorgeous combination of scarlet, pink and white. But look at them – yes they do remind me of Blackpool Rock – so that really works.

I am very happy with the pattern – but this was some serious knitting my friends. On 4 small needles, in the round, with admittedly fine yarn. I had this ball of Wendy Happy 4 Ply in my stash. If you were thinking of embarking on making your first pair of socks, go for a chunkier yarn. I think I understand why socks become addictive, the pattern is always changing, from turning the heel, picking up stitches and then the final toe grafting. There is a level of skill. But will I be hand washing this pair and then blocking them after each wear? I don’t think so.

There is one aspect of these sock which slightly make my left eye twitch. If you know me can you guess what it is?

The stripes… do I get the stripes to match on both socks with a self striping yarn. Does anyone know? If you do can you point me in the right direction?

I had some yarn left over yarn and I am always keen to use it up. I have just bought the fabulous book Simple Crochet by Sara Sanaguglia (which I love and I will review in the next week). In past years I have made some crochet food covers and they have proved really practical. So  I made this jaunty number using Sara’s Amore Jug Cover pattern. Lovely. How pretty will this look on the garden table during a lazy summer lunch? We can but hope we will have the weather!

6 thoughts on “Minty Rocks!”

  1. I have only ever knit 2 socks and they aren’t even a pair, I never did get around to making the match for either of them, second sock syndrome I believe it’s called!! I just don’t think sock knitting is my thing! 😉
    V x

  2. I love your socks Emma – especially the colours. I have an unfinished pair needing attention. I recently had to design 3 pairs of long socks with shaping despite never having knitted a full pair myself (eek – stress!!!). They turned out well thank goodness. To match the stripes you need to identify where you’re starting from in the pattern repeat on the first pair, then make sure you start from the same place in the pattern repeat for the second pair – does that make sense? I make a note or take a photo to help xx

  3. Lynne’s is good advice. I also take a photo. Must admit I prefer toe up though – no grafting – and tiny feet means they grow quickly x

  4. I just finished my first pair of socks too, but I opted for a very easy pattern. ‘Tube socks’ so there was no heal to turn! I was lucky with the stripes too, pretty much turned out the same- that was 100% luck and no judgement though!!

  5. Oh, both socks and jog cover are just perfect. What a wonderful colourway too – so very cheery

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