My Foxy Valentine

So here he is, very cheeky but carrying a little note of love.

I really like the idea of making something cute for Valentine’s day, something a bit different than a card and this idea just popped into my head. No-one can escape the design domination of the Fox at the moment. This pattern is designed to be simple and easy for an amigurumi beginner.

Basically you make one long tube and then decrease your stitches to a point. That point forms the nose as you fold the top over to meet the body. The tail is incorporated into the body stitches. I like to to do this as it makes the finished article more robust. If you then sew the tail to the body just at the white tip – you create a little space to fit a small Valentine card. I have used safety eyes and a bead for the nose. But you could embroider these feature if you were making it for a little one.

This one is just for show – I may well change the message come February

As previously mentioned in my last post, Daddy doesn’t get much of a look in. This evening as I wrote up this pattern, I thought Little B was asleep, he sneaked upstairs, purloined the little fox and then disappeared silently – placing him proprietorially on his bedside table. Tragically because this is a massive indicator of success I fail to correct his ability to silently adopt crochet items which take his fancy.

If you feel like making your own Foxy Valentine, you can download the PDF pattern here

If you do make one – or any Valentine crochet gift, send me a photo and I will pop it on the blog

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