New Year Stashbusting ~ Granny Ripple lap blanket


Just before Christmas I knew I was coming to the end of my ‘in-a-rush’ design commissions. For the Christmas break I wanted to work on a quiet contemplative project which would just be simple, soothing and ultimately whittle down the shameful yarn stash.


A couple of years ago we had a family holiday on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. The cottage we stayed in was so beautifully decorated and I really enjoyed picking up interior hints and tips from the thoughtful owners. One detail I will never forget was the abundant use of blankets draped over sofas and chairs to bring comforts and colour to the decorating scheme. Ever since we have added to our blanket collection. At the end of the evening sat watching a little bit of telly it is so much more practical to reach for a blanket to take the chill off rather than putting on the heating for another hour.


Having followed the excellent Purl Soho website for a number of years I have adopted their term for this type of blanket ‘the lap duvet’. What an excellent name. In reality the size is probably a classical cot blanket size, but beyond the baby years, the lap blanket seems more appropriate.


I laid down just a couple of rules for this ad-hoc design. I wanted pastel soft shades and as a rule I added a white/cream row on every fourth row. This seems to hold the design together and softens down some of the more strident tones. My intention following the Christmas decorations has been to slightly change the colour scheme in the lounge, bringing in Spring colours. Finishing this blanket provided a perfect catalyst to get me back into gear. I love this granny ripple stripe. So easy and so effective. If you have yet to embark upon a blanket – and seem to always be to over ambitious with your projects then I would always suggest a lap blanket as a perfect achievable project and such a practical comforting addition to your home.

Updated – Lots of you have left lovely comments about this blanket – I was inspired via Pinterest and got instructions from The Lazy Hobby Hopper – a great blog.

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