Presents with Presence – Part 2

Back in at the beginning of December I blogged about how some of my favourite gifts were things which people had made for me. Well, luckily for me, my birthday falls just after Christmas (if I let sarcasm slip through there, it was completely unintentional), this makes me a nightmare to buy birthday presents for. My sister phoned me at the start of the month to ask what I might like. I immediately said ‘Oh, please make me something, anything’. You can imagine how this wide and unspecific brief might irk in the busy run up to Christmas. But, Ta Dah……She made me this gorgeous little doorstop, which goes wonderfully well with the cushion she gave me two years ago. I love it!

Busy little fingers

I don’t know how you kept busy over the Christmas period. I hope you got lots of knitting/crocheting/sewing/relaxing/sleeping done. I usually like to keep my little fingers busy with a couple of needles and some yarn. However, I did quite a lot of this kind of fiddly work instead. To be very fair, this shot would be a rare moment of Mummy helping out. Shockingly I was told I had put something in the wrong place. But those who know Little B would not be shocked to know that indeed he was right. Mummy proved more of a hinderance than a help. But oh, how I enjoyed myself.

Wavy Waiting Blanket

The blog sites of Alicia Paulson and Lucy of Attic 24 have really encouraged me to jump in to the crochet blanket world. It seems like such a daunting prospect, but one you have mastered the technique and got past the breathtaking foundation row, a crochet blanket is a wonderful slow burn project which you pull in and out of your knitting basket. Having completed a few rows they also provide a wonderful knee warmer on wintry evenings (we have had a lot). Big B has been quite cross when I have had to turn the blanket round to start the next row, whipping the snug little covering off his legs.

This little blanket began as a stash buster and then I realised would be the perfect gift for a friend of mine who is expecting a little one quite soon. It will go very well with her décor. However we have the same sofa cushions, so it would go very well in my living room…’Be a good girl Emma, and find a better home for your blanket’.

I have enjoyed it so much that I am planning my next one, a different colour scheme, and perhaps a bit larger. We will see.

The photo above was taken by the very talented photographer Lucy West, who recently took some promotional photos for me. She is a wonderful lady and very talented. Happy New Year Lucy!

Happy Christmas to you and your household

It has been an exciting and challenging year. Well I have managed to start one of the hopes of 2010, writing a blog. So that, in itself is great. I have lots planned for this little site, however for the seasonal period I am signing off and wishing you a very Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year x

Seasonal stash buster #2

It might be too late to whip up another little pressie now. Or is it? I thought I would finish writing up this pattern which I knitted for Christmas gifts a couple of years ago.  I love teapots, I love tea cosies, but I am not a fan of tea. How frustrating. This little tea cosy is a perfect little snug jacket  for a small teapot.  You can knit it in one or two evenings and is great fun to begin learning cable. You just need one 50g ball of chunky yarn! The free pattern is available for the PATTERNS section of my blog – enjoy!

Things I have learned #1 – Blankets are the answer

Sometimes I really envy Little B. Everyday he learns something new, something clicks inside his brain and he realises something which never made sense before. Learning something for the first time or at least working out a problem gives me a real kick. So as a pre-New Year’s resolution I have decide to document things I have learned.

I think if you are constantly knitting or crocheting you are always picking up new stitches and techniques. I am certainly always wanting to improve the finishing of garments.

Number 1 lesson is an interior decorating tip. Not that long ago we stayed in a totally gorgeous cottage on the North Norfolk Coast. The interior was beautifully put together, with lovely cosy details. In the living room, each chair and sofa had at least one blanket draped on its arm. This looked very stylish, however the added benefit was as the night drew in we dragged the blanket across and snuggled under it. Suddenly I was sold. I have begun very slowly to add to our collection of blankets which have a dual use in the winter, instant snuggle and a small barrier against the rather dirty paws of our gorgeous cat. Blankets are the answer!

Christmas Mantelpiece

This weekend was all about decorating the house for Christmas. Both boys, Big B and Little B were very industrious and we sang and danced to festive music. As the afternoon progressed more and more baubles were added (just to the front) of the tree. Little B has very firm opinions about where things should go, those with a need for symmetry would disagree with his arrangement but we love it.

I was allowed to decorate the mantelpiece. Inspired by the fantastically creative Alicia Paulson, I took a photo. If you don’t know of her blog, you must visit, because it always up-lifts me and is a great place to find inspiration. Enjoy decorating x

Fluffy little chaps

How cute are these little chaps? So yummy and fluffy. Sometimes you just see a pattern and HAVE to knit it. Run upstairs, delve into the yarn stash, grab the needles and get creating. These little chaps are from Alan Dart’s pattern for Timmy of ‘Timmy Time’ little Teddy. The pattern is so cute, gorgeous and easy to do. I made each one in an evening. Both chaps are destined for Little B’s teachers.  You are probably thinking ‘Oh no, poor souls, not more cuddly things!’. However Little B decided on seeing the little ginger bear exactly where its home should be and then promptly commissioned a second. So off they go, to a new home, with love.

New little Christmas tree friends

I got on a bit of a roll with my little crochet friends. It did start with the Dapper Penguin and then I just kept going with Mr Snowman, Little  Robin and Christmas Pud. I promise I will write up the patterns for these, which are so easy and just a little evening project. It is all very well, getting obsessed with making new things for our tree. However no Christmas decorating has taken place yet…how shocking. So this weekend we will muster ourselves for the hilarity of decorating a tree with a little one (lopsided) and take some photos of these little chaps in-situ. Have a lovely weekend.

Cosy Tank for wintry days

In the past few years I have really enjoyed wearing some of the simple tank sweaters which Sirdar have published. They are quick and easy to knit up. I think I am also probably drawn in by their styling. For my physical shape I am not sure whether I should be wearing this rather short and wide retro 80’s number. However it was so cosy over the wintry weekend. I loved it.

Sirdar 9306 – Connemara Chunky – I used Sirdar Click Chunky 0111 Blazer Size 5.5 & 6.5mm needles

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