Presents with Presence

Running up to Christmas I have been thinking about some of the best gifts I have been given.

My mother in law was a great present giver. You could mention something in March, a small incidental comment, a wistful thought, and low and behold it would appear at Christmas. Genius.

My own parents are such good present buyers that we all rely on their taste to kit us out for the rest of the year, they buy the things you love, but never choose for yourself. That makes them very hard to buy for.

My sister in law and my sister are the most generous present givers, they really enjoy finding the thing they imagine you would love. They are both the youngest sibling. I am not sure whether this is connected, but it is a very nice thing.

One of my most favourite things in our house is a cushion my sister made for Christmas two years ago. She was way ahead of the curve on this trend. She chose the material, worked out how to make it and finished it so beautifully. My sister is more thorough than I am. I love this cushion because it looks good, it fits with my decor but most of all because she put time aside for me.

One of the reason I love to knit for friends and my poor family is because as you are making something you are kind of weaving love and time into the very thing you knit. This has been said by so many knitters before, but it is true.

I am making a promise to myself this Christmas to celebrate the givers and the way they give.

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