Seasonal Stash Buster

A good friend of mine text-ed one evening with a photo. Always with the eye for the fashion she had spotted a natty wee scarf at a party. Not with anything in mind my friend thought I would love it. She was right. Immediately I went on the marvellous Ravelry website and I realised that actually I was way behind the times as so many of these scarves have been knitted across the world. If you are keen to bash down your stash of wool this pattern is ideal and the version I have knitted comes from the Martha Stewart website.

However a word to the wise. I love a stash buster, especially running up to Christmas. I have made about eleven of these beauties in the past month and they are addictive. Like many great patterns though, you don’t run down your personal yarn haul but instead end up looking for new colours and guiltily sneak out of your yarn store eagerly wanting to cast on when you get home.

Also, I was happily knitting away the other night watching ‘Agathe Christie’s Marple’, and the wise old lady appeared wearing exactly this scarf. My husband and I shot a glance at each other in silence. I looked down and carried on knitting. Now that, my friends is ‘Granny Chic’.

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