Stealing Chic – Arabian Nights Scarf

arabian night - emma varnamAs I get older, I want to do ‘getting-older’ better. I think the answer to this conundrum is to watch, spot and celebrate. Watch out for and spot older women who do style and colour with aplomb. Take a mental note of what they wear, how they wear it and store up the ideas in your mind and quite frankly pin on Pinterest for your future reference.

arabian night - emma varnamStylistically nosy

I am a huge fan of being stylistically nosy. I will quite happily go up to a stranger in the supermarket and say, ‘You look fabulous! Where did you get that…?’. I once went up to a woman in her 80’s at the check out. She has the most glorious up-do and I thought it was so pretty. I said to her, ‘You look amazing! How do you do your hair?’ She told me that she has it washed a set once a week and sleeps in silk scarf. The style holds until she needs to have it done a week later. Who knew?

steeking-juliet-bernard-workshop-knittingBlack Sheep Wools

Back in the Autumn I went to a fabulous workshop at Black Sheep Wools with ace tutor Juliet Bernard. I met some fabulous women during the day and picked up some stunning hints and tips. All the ladies I met seem to be avid Ravelry users. They knew all the ‘in’ patterns. Super chic Pat showed me a photo of a gorgeous scarf she had made from Ravelry. It is the Arabian Nights scarf pattern by Drops Design. Pat had made it using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply sock yarn, alternate rows of Butterscotch and Bluetit. I thought about combining the variegated yarn with a denim solid. Pat said, ‘You will regret it – go with the yellow. It will make the other colours pop’. She was right and I immediately went out into the shop at Black Sheep Wools and picked up a ball in each shade.

The scarf has been my ‘slow-burn’ project. A little garter stitch break amongst the crochet madness. Though it looks complex, it is really very, very easy.

arabian night - emma varnamInspiration everywhere

Since finishing the scarf a couple of weeks ago I have happily worn this little beauty many times. It goes particularly well with navy and has a zesty spring-time feel which I know will brighten the dark days of the winter post Christmas. I am not sure I have many great tips on style, but what I do know is that great inspiration can be found everywhere you look. Look to the young and to the old and have no shame in saying, ‘You look fabulous – where did you get that?’ It will make someone’s day to have their style spotted and they will walk away as if skipping on clouds. Steal the Chic!


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