The new campervan – lets go for an adventure!


My campervan pattern which I first shared on the blog perhaps nearly a decade ago is perhaps my most popular pattern. That is hard to believe if you are a fan of crocheted cacti or succulents – or if you are a maker of my cuddly toys. But across the world people who have always wanted to own the best symbol of adventure and escape have enjoyed making a crocheted version

The first one I ever made was a gift for a friend. I often find my best ideas come from that place. Imagining a great of fun gift. Inside Crochet Magazine published the first version of the pattern and then a few years later I revisited the pattern. I think it has been reprinted maybe 2 or 3 times.


The latest version is slightly different from my first creations. How so? Well the first and second editions used grey felt for the windows. I really enjoy working in mix-media and using felt or fabric in my designs. But some crocheters find sewing a bit daunting and they asked me to integrate crochet windows into the pattern. Secondly I did use HUGE buttons for the wheels. I think they looked super cute but some people found them difficult to get hold of. So the new version has a crocheted wheels and hub-caps.

You will be pleased to know that the new pattern doesn’t only have the written instructions for the colour changes. It also contains a stitch schematic which has the colours shown in a simple colour graph. So simple to follow. If you want to download this pattern it is available in my shop here.


My top tip would be to add a bag of lentils or rice to the base of the campervan if you intend to use it as a doorstop. But the design would also make a really fun cuddly toy for the campervan enthusiast. As usual please do share if you have made your own version. I love to see them.

2 thoughts on “The new campervan – lets go for an adventure!”

  1. I just love it. My boyfriend works with the modern VW busses but asked me to make him a blanket with this kind of campervan on it. I think he would love it. I’m going to buy the pattern. Would be cool for my nephew too.
    Have a nice day.

    Sweet greetings,

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