Thursday is Space Day – Hey Presto – Pocket Rocket Badge

The seasoned mothers and fathers amongst you will not give in the whims and whimsy of your children coming home from school and announcing – ‘Thursday is Space Day, I need to wear something Spacey!’ Currently I am relatively new to this kind of life and instead of shoving the thought completely to the back of my mind or saying, ‘Here is a roll of tin foil, my love, do what you will with it’ – my little mind gets a-racing.

So this is the product of my very small labour of love for Little B. Most of the time his ever changing passions and heroic imaginings provide inspiration rather than frustration and desperation. I feel that perhaps five years on I might not feel the same, but lets go with it while the creative juices flow and BLAST OFF !!!

Free Pattern to download for you here if you feel so inclined.

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