Yarn Diaries – November -Granny Square Scarf


Sometimes I just want to make…dive in – create and not think about the pattern. Not make any notes… not think about the planning or the design. I know that does mean that if a design comes out successfully that becomes a bit of a pain for anyone who might like to replicate the pattern. Darn.

Well so a few weeks ago I had a little ‘ting!’ moment. You know when you identify a need and match it with some yarn and then a little ‘ting’ goes off in your head.

A young friend of mine has just started a Fine Art degree in Edinburgh. Having attended an east-coast Scottish University, I know that your scarf game has to be STRONG. E has a great sense of style. She is experimental, imaginative and has excellent colour-sense.

(Just writing this – it occurs to me…’what on earth were you thinking…making a scarf for an art student…you mad woman…the audacity). Anyway – foolhardy generosity, I thought it would be delightful to make E a Boho-influenced scarf. I have been working with the new Stylecraft Highland Heathers DK yarn. I love their muted tweedy finish.

Using the colours : Thistle, Thift, Grist, Gorse and Heather. I made 10 granny squares which begin as a circle and then morph into a square. I then made 2 triangles which I placed at each end. I slip stitched the joins together and then did 1 granny square cluster rows in Thistle and Thrift. I finished the whole scarf off with some outrageously chunky tassels.

Once the scarf was completed, I’ve got to tell you – I almost found it difficult to pop it in the post. The shades are not those I would normally wear so perhaps I will make my own version. But boy I did have fun.

You might think that the Granny Square is a difficult look to rock. You might be right. But using it in a scarf is perhaps the best place to start. Just enough detail and colourful interest…not too crazy. A few years ago I made a glorious Granny Square Jacket – it is in November and December that it comes into its own. I have to be in the mood to wear it. But I do love it. In January with the purity of Spring…it seems a bit much.

November is the month to replenish your scarf collection and this idea gives a cool accent which is both warm and brings autumn delight. I know that my art-student friend has already enjoyed wearing her bespoke design, and then is the ultimate goal. Designs inspired by love and makes that are fun to create. Happy weekend!

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