A little bit of order

19/04/2016 · 1 comment

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garden16.4.5There was nothing on Saturday that would have stopped me from getting in the garden. When I have ‘things to sort’ in my brain, I either need to go on a ‘fast thinking walk’ preferably somewhere beautiful or I need to dig, chop and clear. It wouldn’t take an A level psychology student to see the hidden meaning behind this physical activity. However there is something rather comforting about recognising the signs in yourself and acknowledging that you have to respond to the call.


Following a full morning of physical activity in our little patch, I sat for lunch with Big B.

‘Oh, I needed that…the air is so fresh…I am so glad that I have got rid of that shrub I have been meaning to dig out for such a long time…isn’t it wonderful to see things sprouting and growing…I hadn’t realised how much I needed that…’

‘Yes my darling’, he said with a knowing look, ‘are you back out there this afternoon?’

He was right, there was more to be done. Hours later when the tools were put away and I surveyed our plot, mug in hand, straightening my back, things appeared more ordered. What a privilege it is to create, to plant, to sow, to grow. How blessed I am that as I grow older I have found the activities which make my brain and soul tick. In the late afternoon, clean, warm and satisfied I curled up with Little B on the sofa. The quiet constant clicking of the needles could be heard again. A little bit of order restored.


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