Crochet Video Tutorials

How to create spikes on your Cacti

How to Chain Stitch

How to Double Crochet (UK)

How to Half Treble

How to join as you go Granny Squares

Popcorn Stitch

How to work the colour changes for the snout for Ben and Evie Fox from my book Cute Crocheted Animals

The snout and ear spacing for animals in my book Cute Crocheted Animals

Creating character and facial details for your animals from my book Cute Crocheted Animals

Joining Legs from my book Cute Crocheted Animals

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  2. Sandra Mallin


    Are your patterns for the Russian Doll and Oliver Owl key rings for sale.

    Kind regards

    Sandra Mallin

  3. I am making the Beatrice cowl and it references a row 5 that isn’t shown in the instructions. The pattern stops at row 4 and then says to repeat rows 2-5. There is no row 5. Can you send me e pattern correction please.

  4. Sandie O'Connor

    Is it possible to get a copy of your camper van pattern please? I have tried to buy the back issue of Inside Crochet but it is sold out. Thank you

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  6. I am stuck on the feet and legs of the mice in the Cute Crocheted animals book. Please can someone help me?

  7. I am making the teddy from Cute Crocheted Animals and cant work out how to start the body after making the two legs. Can anyone help me please

    1. Imagine you are the animal. To join the legs together you attach the yarn between your legs on the left leg at the back. You work around your left leg from your bottom around to the front then you join your right leg by work across the stitches from the inside of your right leg at the front around the side of your right leg and around to the back. You will then meet your self where you started. Keep working in spirals up through the pants – your two legs will be joined.

  8. Jo-Ann Horne

    Dear Emma, I am crocheting Perry the Penguin, and have a question. When you change from grey to black on row 32, do you crochet into the back of the stitches? Also have you done a tutorial for slip stitching across a row, like you suggest for row 32, I am having a lot of trouble with this. Thank you, Jo-Ann

  9. Mary Jo Sirca

    Emma, I am trying to make your BEEPBOT booties and I don’t understand how to put the head together. Why do you need 4 sides per bootie? I found the pattern in a creature feetures book by Kristi Simpsonn. I bought the book at JoAnn fabric. Can you explain?

  10. Hi, I have just bought your book Cute Crocheted Animals .
    I have started the Teddy Bear pattern and my Teddy Bears head does not seem to be correct, it is not the same shape as the photo, it has no snout, I have follows the pattern correctly – twice . I have tried various ways to stuff the head but nothing works. I would appreciate any advice you have . Thank you

    1. Hi Emma, I notice someone has already queried this, but I can’t find a reply. I have made Nancy Bear and now working on Bernard from Cute Crocheted Animals, but the shaping for the face/nose does not give the result in the illustrations. Can I adjust? Thanks.

    2. Pauline Williams

      Hi I am also having problems with the shape of the head. Did you ever get a reply please? have you managed to sort the problem.

  11. Hi Emma I’m trying to make Water Melon Pot Holder.
    I’m stuck on round 3 which says (2dc in, 2dc in next st) to end 40sts.

  12. I just watched your tutorial for join a s you go granny squares. My only complaint is that you could have slowed things down a bit. Even the written captions were too fast. People who watch tutorials are watching because they need to see exactly what you are doing slooooowly. Sorry for the criticism but I am a new crocheter and unsure as to what you were doing,

  13. Hi Emma, I just got your fabulous ‘Cute Crocheted Animals’ book, to make Emily the Rabbit for my niece this Easter. I am not a very experienced crocheter, but have completed the head and arms. I am struggling with the feet though, for some reason I keep ending up with too many stitches even though I’m trying to count them! Can you please give me some tips! Thank you!!

  14. Hi Emma,
    Currently making Emily but am stuck on how to attach the arms in round 27. I’ve read and reread the instructions but still do not understand it. Could you please help. Love the book and going to do Stanley next. Many thanks. Hazel

  15. Just bought cute crocheted animal book could you pleas do a tutorial on how to sew the animals together

  16. Hi! I need help! I’ve almost finished my fox from cute crocheted animals and am ready to attach the arms. However, when I follow the pattern, one arm ends up too far around his back and the other ends up too far on his front. It says to: 6dc, add the arm with the next 5dc, 11dc, add the next arm with 5dc and another 5dc. Can I just start with more dc move his arms further around his body? Just worried then that the clothes won’t fit if I don’t place them correctly not sure where I’ve gone wrong, I must have started connecting his legs in the wrong place and so now my start place for each round has been wrong

  17. Carol Setright

    Hi Emma,

    I am making Billy Bear at the moment but unfortunately the eyes that I purchased from a company called e-crafts are impossible to fix on. Even
    my husband couldn’t fix the washer on the back for me. Could you please
    let me know where you purchase your safety eyes from.


  18. Hi can you do a tutorial on how to do the ruffle skirt please for Lucy’s dress in cute crocheted animals

    1. yes please! i second that, i have done the dress and cannot figure out this ruffle skirt… how am I supposed to yarn over if the meshing is in the way? have i done something wrong?

  19. hazel graham

    Please can you explain how to make the hood on jacks coat . I have tried .many times but can’t understand 6dc up left neck edge 6dc across the back edge and 6dc down right edge ,is it made in two halves?

  20. Hi, I am working on Lucy the mouse from your cute crocheted animal book and I am really struggling on how to do their arms. I have finished all 26 rows but don’t understand how to actually finish is, would you be able to do a video on how it’s done. Thank you Alisha

  21. Hi, I’m really struggling with the ruffle skirt on Lucy’s dress. First of all the mesh in round 17 and 18, is it staggered or do the treble crochet coincide top and bottom? A video tutorial would be very useful please? thank you

  22. Sylvia Thwaites

    I am being completely thick… How do I make the hood for Jack’s coat.. I just can’t understand where to go… What happens with the top of the sleeves please….

  23. Hey Emma, I’ve made the fox, rabbit and now I’m making Nancy bear from you cute crochet animals. I notice this question has been asked twice before but can’t see a reply. The face is really flat, no snout shape at all. I’ve looked at your video for the fox face but this doesn’t help with the ball shaped bear head. Do you have any tips please?

  24. Hi Emma
    Am I able to buy the pattern for the poncho for child and teddy
    separately please?
    I’m a total beginner and will not be able to do anything else yet
    Or is there a you tube video to watch
    Many thanks

  25. Do you have a tutorial for the granny cardigan long coat? I’m just trying to make it. I need help with it. how to make and attach shoulder especially
    Thank you

  26. I have tried several times to make Bernard the bears head and it’s still has no snout please help

  27. Is there a video tutorial for Garden route please. I’m a beginner and not very good with written patterns

  28. Hi Emma,
    I’ve just bought your Cute Crochet Animals book (which I love) and have almost finished Emily. I was planning on making a start of one of the cute foxes next, but unfortunately I can’t source any of the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in Orange (092). I was wondering if you might be able to suggest a suitable alternative?? Many thanks in advance. Rachel

  29. Gillian Williams

    Hi, I’m really enjoying making Jack the rabbit and was hoping you could help me. I’m stuck with how to attach his hood to his jacket. I seem to have too many stitches across the top of the jacket.

  30. Christine Bailey

    Hi I’m making Bernard bear I’ve made his head and it looks nothing like the picture mine has no snout I’ve see 2 others have asked this question I’ve also messaged you on face book to no avail please can you tell me if there is an error in this pattern and how to put it right thank you

  31. Hi Emma
    I am trying to make Roger the lion. Rows four and five of the head should form the nose but I just get two rows of white and not the lovely heart shaped nose. Where am I going wrong.

  32. I am really struggling with making the legs from Cute Crocheted Animals. Currently trying to make the bears, and I cant work out the foot pattern at all. Are there any tutorials / tips for this?

  33. Isolde Emily Cumberbeach

    Hi and thanks for having this blog and I love “Cute Crocheted Animals”. I was wondering though if you could do a tutorial on “Jack’s Coat” from that book, the gorgeous little yellow parka. I am having trouble with the hood attaching bit. Thank you so much! Love your work!

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  35. Hi Emma, I am really enjoing Cute Crocheted Animals. However I am really struggling to figure out Row row 17, of Katy Cat’s jacket.
    No matter how I read it, I cannot turn 26 sts into 18 with this pattern. Can you please explain this line, as I cannit figure it out. It says:
    Row 17: 1ch, sl st across 4 sts, (Sl st, 1ch, 1dc) in next st, 17 dc, turn (18 sts). I have no idea where I am going wrong.

  36. Janette Osborne

    Hi, I saw a pattern of yours in the Landscape magazine for the fingerless mitts. I ordered the yarn and started but I think your written pattern is wrong, in the 3rd round it says to add yarn B and 2 tr between next 2 sts but if you look at the picture it is between each stitch and I cannot get my work to lay flat. I have tried 3 times and it just looks awful. Can you tell me if I am being dumb here. Thanks

  37. I’m stuck, I’m doing legs of Jack rabbit, round 8, I have 26sts on hook, and you say row 8 8DC, (2dctog) 3 times, 12 DC, that’s more stitches than i have, please advise, Jill

    1. I realize that your question is 6 months old. But I have the answer to your question if you haven’t found one by now. You basically crochet through the two stiches of the sandwiched arm and also through the stick behind it on the neck/body so that you are going through three layers. The five times is in reference to how many stitches you will go through on the width of the arm. It’s 5 stiches wide when sandwiched. I really wish there were more tutorials. But it seems like she’s not really doing that for the cute crocheted animals anymore.

  38. Angela Carberry

    I don’t understand how to attach the mouse arms in ‘Cute crocheted animals. Please help

    1. You basically crochet through the two stiches of the sandwiched arm and also through the stitch behind it on the neck/body so that you are going through three layers. The five times is in reference to how many stitches you will go through on the width of the arm. It’s 5 stiches wide when sandwiched.

  39. Hi, I am making the teddy from your Cute Crochet Animal book. Having just made the head, the face is very flat, counting the rows from the picture in the book and from your video, it is not the same, so I’m thinking there must be some rows missing from the printed text. Please could you advise me of these missing rows please. Many thanks

  40. Linda ponsford

    Hi Emma I love your book cute animals although I’ve been a spinner weaver and knitter for years crochet has always stumped me a bit but yes I’m making Bernard and loving it .your tutorials are great and I’m going to get the other books soon I’m hooked thank you Linda

  41. Hi Emma. I would appri6if you would do a video on how to attach the animals heads. As I don’t seem to be doing it write.
    Also I would appreciate a demo on the emilys pinafore dress. I cannot seem to get from row 4 to 5 right.. I am a beginner.

  42. Jane Williams

    Help please!!! I love your cute animals and have made both the foxes and both the rabbits for my grandchildren. I’m now trying to make the bears for my niece’s baby but the head is the wrong shape, more like a ball with no snout. I see other people have had this problem and I wonder whether there are rounds missing in the pattern where you don’t increase in every round to round 8. I’m just basing that on a comparison with the other animals in the book.

  43. Can you advise me please. I am a crochet beginner and want to make your fruity pear keyring but am having a problem with round 5. I can’t make it work to increase from 24 to 28 stitches by doing the 5dc, 2dc combination. It gives me too many stitches.

  44. Hi, I’m doing Lucy mouse and have been very confused counting stitches on the feet/legs and can’t get past row 5 without having 2 extra stitches. Do the slip stitch and chain count in the overall stitch count? I keep coming up with more stitches. When I get to round 5 I always end up with 28 instead of 26 stitches. Thank you so much.

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