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In the past few years I have been fortunate enough to write a number of Crochet Books.

Book. How to crochet, by Emma Varnam

How to crochet. Techniques and Projects for the Complete Beginner.

If you’ve been thinking about taking up crochet but didn’t know where to start, this guide for the absolute beginner is for you. This simple-to-follow project-based book takes you through the basic techniques of this fun and creative craft. You’ll learn everything you need to get started, including how to do the basic stitches, read charts and patterns, and finish off your work. Buy a signed copy here.

Tea Cozies 4

Theres nothing quite like sharing a pot of tea with friends. It brightens even the greyest of days. But, as the conversation flows and you reach for that second comforting cuppa, the last thing you want is for your high spirits to be dampened by a tasteless, tepid brew. A tea cozy, therefore, is an essential piece of kit for the kitchen. The wonderful thing about tea cozies is they can be made in a dazzling array of styles and colours. Theres something to suit every personality and every home décor, from minimalist to wildly exuberant. Buy from Amazon here.

Book. Cute crocheted succulents, by Emma Varnam

Crocheted Succulents

If you love houseplants but have an unerring ability to kill everything off, fear not, because these cute creations don’t require green fingers! There are 25 splendid succulents to make in a variety of shapes and sizes for a touch of indoor greenery that will never need watering, repotting or special plant food. Buy a signed copy here.

Book. Granny squares home, by Emma Varnam

Granny Squares Home

Add cheerful, vibrant bursts of colour and style to your home armed with just a crochet hook and some oddments of yarn. Buy a signed copy here.

Book. Granny squares weekend, by Emma Varnam

Granny Squares Weekend

If you need an emergency craft fix, then this book has the answer! Armed with a crochet hook and some yarn you can rustle up these gorgeous projects in next to no time. Buy a signed copy here.

Book. Cute crocheted animals, by Emma Varnam

Cute Crocheted Animals

These ten adorable crocheted chums have enviable wardrobes to mix and match. The five pairs of animals rabbits, mice, cats, foxes and bears – all have distinctive personalities and gorgeous outfits. Buy a signed copy here.

Book. Cute crocheted wild animals, by Emma Varnam

Cute Crocheted Wild Animals

These crocheted animals may be wild but they are very well-dressed. The ten adorable crocheted chums have enviable wardrobes to mix and match. The five pairs of animals – pandas, lions, zebras, elephants and monkeys – all have distinctive personalities and gorgeous outfits. Buy a signed copy here.

Crocheted Keyrings & Charms

Your keys will be glamorous and eminently findable if you attach them to one of these cute keyrings. And once youve catered for all your keys and those of your friends and family you can move on to making charms to hang from bags, mobile phones, numerous other gadgets and anything else you fancy. Buy from Amazon here.

Fun Feet: 30 super-cute booties to crochet for babies and toddlers

Features 30 crazy themed patterns for crocheted sandals, shoes and boots to fit babies and toddlers. Find the perfect crocheted shoe or boot to complete your child’s Halloween outfit or just to liven up an everyday outfit and make your child smile. Complete exciting foolproof projects following clear, step-by- step instructions with over 200 full-colour photographs showing the steps involved and completed projects. Buy from Amazon here.

I also have patterns in Claire Montgormorie’s book Fashion Crochet and Dorling Kindersley’s book Crochet

I regularly design patterns for Inside Crochet Magazine, Lets Get Crafting Magazine and Knitting Magazine in the Uk

I have also had designs featured in Handmade Living and Debbie Bliss Fall Winter 2012.

I have written copy for several magazines including Debbie Bliss Magazine.

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  1. Hello,
    I love your Indian Summer Shrug and have been inspired to try to make one of my own. But, alas, here I am in the United States and your instructions suggest Rico Cotton Essentials DK 100% cotton yarn but there is NONE that I can find. Also, there are NO Yarn Alternatives as your Sidebar (in the magazine) offers. I have looked in stores everywhere and there are no colorful ones as you used in your shrug. I am sad to say that all yarns are just so bland here in Michigan. Can you suggest a great website to buy this beautiful Rico yarn from ‘across the pond’?
    Thank you…:)

  2. Hi have a question on your Orla Cloche Hat pattern. In rnd 6 it just says ‘Patteren rnd’ and it comes up again in round 8. I have no idea what that means can you please explain

  3. I have a question concerning round 3, I don’t understand how you end up with 24 spaces. I have ripped it apart and started over 4 times and each time I still end up with only 23 spaces. Do I chain 1 on the last stitch before I slip stitch into the 2nd chain of the chain 3? Please help I love this hat and I am hoping to have it completed by December 17th?

    Thanks so much,

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