Batik Cowl – a mosaic in Stylecraft

16/09/2016 · 11 comments

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When I first saw Stylecraft’s yarn Batik, I knew immediately what I was going to make; a beautiful cowl for wearing during Autumn weekend. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a usual occurrence, however there are times when a Pinterest image sticks firmly in your mind. You know that one day, a concept, a colourway or a garment will manifest itself into a design.

The colour of the yarn, which is subtly variegated reminds me of a watercolour painting. The hues change in their intensity. I had in my mind two specific images which I love; a cardigan and a scarf which use a gingham garter stitch technique to give a vintage up-cycle vibe. This is a look of effortless cool, a laid back make-do-and-mend.


Since beginning Little B’s Barcelona blanket, (still not finished), I have wanted to have a go at making a something which uses the diagonal corner-to-corner technique. The design uses a subtle rainbow palette interchanged with alternate rows of Cream. I started with Cherry, followed by Coral, Old Gold, Sage and then Storm


I know the Batik Cowl will be a staple of the Autumn wardrobe. Ideally worn to brighten dark polo neck jumpers – but most of all it looks fabulous with denim. Today I have got it on with a Cream roll-neck, far too warm, but I am enjoying having a new accessory in my repertoire.


If you think it would be helpful to write up this pattern, will you leave a comment below. It is a fairly quick and easy make – but I never know where it would be popular or not. Do also check into the blogs of my other Stylecraft Blogstars and see how they have used the Batik yarn. Check out the beautiful blanket by Heather at Patchwork Heart – utterly gorgeous.


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