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uni-posca, paint, pen, glass, calligraphy

Recently I have been reviving my love of calligraphy. It has been a little quiet ‘behind the scenes’ pursuit. I like that calligraphy and handwriting has reinvented itself and beautiful sign writing is appearing everywhere from weddings venues to shop windows. My local indi-retailers have revived their seasonal window displays by using glass marker pens to create beautiful illustrations.

uni-posca, paint, pen, glass, calligraphy

I have long since had a yearning to have a quick go myself. Well the lovely people at Uni-ball sent me some of their Posca Pens to try. Whilst you can draw on most surfaces using these pens including; ceramic, metal, wood. I chose to draw my design on glass.

My husband has been working away on the other side of the world, and both Little B and I wanted to create some special welcome home gifts. I thought it might be fun to decorate a plain glass vase with a special message. I had bought some pretty and cheerful flowers and set about creating a message of the surface of the vase.

uni-posca, paint, pen, glass, calligraphy

Firstly I created a simple leaf design along the edge of the vase. It was deeply satisfying to see how opaque the paint was on the surface. Surprisingly there was no nasty odour.

uni-posca, paint, pen, glass, calligraphy

I then tried to create two lines along the base. These turned out far too wiggly so I abandoned that idea. It was really very easy to remove the paint using a baby-wipe. I did this immediately before the paint dried. Once the paint does dry then removing the paint does require elbow grease but is easy enough to do with some soaking.

uni-posca, paint, pen, glass, calligraphy

Next I wrote my message on the glass free-hand. This was not the best bit of writing ever, but as a bonus when one coat is dry you can neaten up your letters with additional strokes.

Finally I added a few little flower decorations. I found it best to layer up each colour once each application had dried. It was such a fun and joyful project to do and took a mere 20 minutes.

uni-posca, paint, pen, glass, calligraphy

The final vase looks quite enchanting and adds a very personal touch to the ‘Welcome Home’ bouquet. I have plans to use the pens again in the next few weeks. If we are not careful, everything could get covered in illustrations or writing.

Uni-ball have offered to give two packs of pens away to my readers. If you either leave a comment here or on the Emma Varnam Designs Facebook page I will pick a winner from each – entries will close on Monday 8th Aug 16 at 6am.


Little B found the pens enormously enjoyable and loved using them to draw with. He made a special airport-collection sign for his Dad, which was such a sweet idea. He was rather pleased to think he was trialling these pens for Uni-ball and was happy to give them a huge credit on his sign. Cute.

uni-posca, paint, pen, glass, calligraphy

The post has been produced in collaboration with Uni-ball UK

random number

Congratulations to Claire – she was picked at random to win a set of pens – hope you like them x

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