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20/04/2015 · 2 comments

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You will have noticed that in the past few months most of my designs have been for children. I find myself returning to my first love creatively. Like so many crafty people my return to knitting was stimulated by a desire to make hand-knits for new little babies arriving on the scene. My first garment as an adult was a jumper for my godson, Harry. He is now a strapping teenager and thankfully is still happy for me to thrust knitted garments upon him. These day it tends to be cool skiing beanie hats. What a kind chap to indulge me still! Little B is not really keen at all to wear anything I make. But can appreciate the skill and had suggested on our recent holiday that I teach him to crochet. In fact life was far too exciting to sit down and concentrate on hook and yarn, but we might have another go in the summer.

My recent projects for Debbie Bliss have been a great delight. I think there are more crochet nursery designs to be developed and when it comes to toys you can’t beat amigurumi crochet for its seamless durability.


My recent creation for Inside Crochet was an imaginative leap of what I would have enjoyed playing with as a child. I had a little wooden dolls bed which I adored playing with. Oh, the many simple hours, tucking up dolls and teddies under the quilt. My Mother had made a pretty mattress, pillow and quilt for the bed, edged in a cotton lace. The whole set is something I still treasure.

The design comes in two sections. Firstly you can make the little Bunny. You don’t have to be gender specific and can avoid having coloured pants altogether.


I then created some clothes to dress the bunny in. A simple cotton dress, a cute raglan jumper and some jeans, (with a handy hole for the cottontail).

Finally there is a little bed, made with t-shirt yarn. Inspired by the set made by my Mother, I created a simple cotton sheet and pillow edged with a simple crochet pattern in fine embroidery thread. There is also a fancy stash busting blanket to complete the set. These are the type of designs I love to make. They are from the heart, they are intended to bring joy and I am fortunate that people like Debbie Bliss and Inside Crochet are happy to publish them.

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