Stylecraft Blogtour 2018 – Billy Bear and Bag

Hello! It is my turn on the Stylecraft Blogtour. I love this annual little jaunt with all my Stylecraft Friends. We get very excited when the yarn is revealed to us. This year I was delighted that we were given Bellissima yarn to design with. What I really love the silky texture of the yarn and I chose the Autumn Leaves colour combination which has 5 fabulous rich shades.

This year I knew immediately what I wanted to make. I have been creating this quick and easy toy bear for a couple of years, but never wrote up the pattern. The time was nigh. The pattern is super simple and would make an excellent festive present. But then I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cute to create a matching bag?’. The idea is that any proud owner could take their bear with them on a high adventure.

Bellissima - Billy - Bear- Emma-Varnam

Toy making tips

If you are new to amigurumi and toy making with crochet this pattern would be an ideal starting point. I have made the pattern available for free during the blogtour. I often get asked if the yarn I use splits. Good Point! When you make toys you tend to have a tighter tension and you need accuracy on where to put your hook. If your yarn splits it becomes very very frustrating. Fortunately for a silky feel yarn, the fibres say nice and neat. I have just been making up another design this week and I have returned to the Bellissima again – which shows you how much I like it.

Worth saying on this design I did line my bag strap with a lovely grosgrain ribbon. Recently when I have made bags I have found it useful to either line the inside or reinforce the handles with ribbon. Then ensures that the bag does not stretch. You can either attach your lining with some small sewing stitches or use your sewing machine – as I do. I have found the sewing machine very handy and quite forgiving. You can hardly detect the lines of stitching amongst the yarn rows. These are the little touches which really finish off your makes and give your work a long life-span.

Well if you have been following the blogtour so far – you will have seen the wealth of beautiful designs using this yarn. Tomorrow, Phil from Twisted Thread will be sharing her fab project.

If you would like a copy of the Billy Bear and Bag you can download the free pattern below.  (Offer ends 15th October 2018 – Midnight BST)

Billy Bear and Bag

You can also WIN one of the Autumn Leave yarn packs, just click the link below to enter. (Open until 10am BST on 6th October 2018)

Autumn Leaves Giveaway







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