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So if you regularly read my blog your will know that sock knitting is really only a recent interest of mine. I found ways to increase the speed of my knitting and the new colours and yarns have made the idea much more appealing. Well what I haven’t been able to tell you is that back in the Summer I got a chance to do a bit of sock yarn designing with my fellow Stylecraft Blogstars.

stylecraft-head-over-heelsThanks to Phil from The Twisted Yarn for the photo

Given the inspiration of David Hockney’s work we were asked to pick some shades of Stylecraft Special DK and these would be used as a foundation of a sock yarn. All our colour choices were worked up anonymously and Stylecraft have spun 8 colour choices in stripes and 8 in melange wide stripes.  Now there is a competition which you can vote for from today until March 31st 2018.

Thanks to Phil from The Twisted Yarn for the photo

Choose your favourite in each category and 6 lucky voters will win a complete set of the new yarns when they launch! Just follow the link below to vote!

More than that, the top 3 colour mixes in each category will be added to our range in the autumn. So you have the power to decide! If you know me well you might be able to guess my colour choice. But I am not very sure that it will win. There are some many fabulous colour mixes and I really can’t decide which one I will vote for in the melange range. You might have dreamed as I have of creating your own yarn colours. But what this experience taught me is that it is far harder than you might think. Creating the right combination of colours and stripe depth is actually very difficult. Perhaps it is best left up to the professionals

The winning colours will be announced on the 19th April, when you will also get to find out which Blogstars have triumphed! Even though I am a slow sock knitter I promise I will knit some socks from my own colourway if it gets chosen. At my current rate they might be ready for Christmas.


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