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30/12/2017 · 2 comments

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2017mosaic of making - emmavarnam

What a great and crazy year it has been. Looking back I have made so many things. Things I have been able to share with you and some items which are in the pipeline. Granny Squares Home was published in the Autumn and I realise now looking at the photos that this time last year I was making the Vintage style blanket. In many ways the perfect project for a cosy Christmas break. This Christmas I am not ‘mid-commission’ so it gives me the opportunity to just make, perhaps follow the pattern of another designer. That is a very restful feeling. In 2018 I have another book ready to be published and having had a sneaky peek at the photos, I am hopeful it will have the same appeal as me previous two books.

Last year in a crazy wave of honesty I published my new-yarn resolutions. So let’s have a look how well I did….

Keep a record of everything I make – Yes I did this…suprisingly. I made over 90 knitted/crocheted items (madness).

Keep looking and spotting – Think I did this but not enough

Make notes of new ideas – Failed – need to do more next year

Write down the yarn I use in my notebook – Failed again – totally

Dream big dreams – Sort of… more of a doing year than a dreaming year. Will try again

Have creative fun – Certainly

Compliment my hero or people who inspire me – I did some of this but I will do more!

I have begun to write my new list for 2018, which I will share with you and I would love to hear yours if you are wiling to share – but my most abiding rule is to be ‘thankful’. Thank you if you have enjoyed and commented on the blog this year. I am looking forward to a new creative year.





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