The Beach Hut doorstop

02/07/2014 · 2 comments

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beachhut1This pattern has been in my head for such a long time. It has evolved from my Beach hut keyring from my book design into the larger version.


I was really thrilled that Simply Crochet magazine asked me to make it for them and the final design made it to their front cover, which is always a thrill.


Making an accessory like this is not complicated. What we are looking at here are some straight striped lines. But there are some fiddly elements. The bunting on the side is made up of little triangles. Quick and easy to dash off. While I have used Sirdar Cotton DK, I imagine you will have a stash of spare cotton yarn which you could use for these details, so don’t feel obliged to go out and buy new balls of yarn for these little triangles.


I added details of a sandcastle and a bucket to the side of the beach hut. Sometimes readers say that they would prefer me to make a design completely in crochet. I always feel conflicted about this. A bit like my Campervan doorstop design, I like adding details in felt and sewing on buttons for handles. In most cases this provides me with a more defined detailed look and I quite like the contrast between the sewing and the crochet.


My advice is to make your doorstop your own. Add as many buttons, rows of bunting and ribbons as you like. Just enjoy the process and make something that speaks of your own creativity. If you like the look of the pattern catch it in the current issue of Simply Crochet issue 20.


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