The Fashion Fast – January

01/02/2018 · 4 comments

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So my first month has past – just one of twelve. I promised myself that I would not buy any new clothes in 2018 but instead, ‘Shop the Wardrobe’. That is the plan. As you can imagine the first month should really be the easiest. I did get a few new things for Christmas so there has been some un-worn items to pique my interest.

What have I learnt so far? Well interestingly I did do a bit of a clear-out during the beginning of this week. Sounds like madness, doesn’t it? Surely I should be hanging on to every last item. Well instead I think I came to the conclusion that even in a fashion famine there were a few items I was never going to return to. It seemed better at this stage to get rid now. I bought a long skirt from M&S in the Spring last year. I wore it again last week and realised that rather than being trendy it made me look frumpy. It had to go.

The Clear Out

In the end I cleared out:

1 x Jacket (the colour is dated)

3 x Jumpers (too worn, too bobbly)

1 x Dress (saggy in the wrong places)

1 x pair Trousers (weird length)

2 x Skirts (1 frumpy, the other makes me look even more hippy)

3 x Shirts (wrong colours, wrong fit)

1 x pair of shoes, 1 pair of boots

I am rather surprised that avoiding shopping temptation is easier than I expected. Though I have been careful to avoid the shops, swerving those trendy impulse buys. Realistically the new season fashion images have not begun to flood my consciousness. I imagine that if I see a new style or look which I know might suit me, then I will find the whole resolution much harder. Even though I have allowed myself the opportunity to buy new shoes, I haven’t even strayed into that retail therapy. No-one could be more surprised than me.

Making my Granny Square Jacket and the Duck Egg Marius Cardigan has certainly enabled me to satisfy the ‘new-thing-to-wear’ itch. Making something for myself may well be my salvation this year.


My final conclusion  is that accessories have been and always will be my friend. Scarves are the answer. I have worn ALOT this month. The classic shirt and trouser combination has been lifted by a jaunty scarf. This I think will be my downfall. I can see myself cheating and requesting a new silk scarf for Easter. However as February begins I feel pretty confidant that we might survive another month. Will there be another clearout? Who knows.




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