Yarn Shop Day 2017

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I really enjoyed Yarn Shop Day this year. Black Sheep Wools, my old friends, invited me back to spend the day with them. We had such great fun.

Busy Busy Busy

When I turned up with all my gubbins just before ten the yarn barn was already buzzing. It seemed indecently too early for such excited yarn buying. However Stylecraft Yarns had promised a number of yarn giveaways, so customers were eager to get their sticky mitts on those.

yarn-shop-day-2017Setting out my stall

My table full of books, patterns and sample toys was situated very near the door. Nobody could get past my beady eye. Now I would like to confess that any type of workshop, talk or book signing provides me with some trepidation. I imagine I will sit there dutifully for hours…alone. There is a Mancunian phrase which sort of describes it beautifully; Like being pithy on a rock bun!

I shouldn’t have fretted. Lots of lovely people came by to say ‘hello’. I even had a queue of eager crocheters after lunch. Lovely Sara from Black Sheep Wools had to explain; ‘She will be with you in a minute, but just like you, Emma likes a little potter amongst the yarn’.

yarn-shop-day-2017Catching up

Well if you did come and say hello, thank you so much. A special mention should go to the lovely Laura who brought me the Cute Crocheted Animals: 10 Well-Dressed Friends to Make she had made from the book. Ah how my heart jumped for joy. They were so beautiful. I can’t wait to see who she makes next.


I also caught up with Janet who has created a Katy Cat wearing a fabulous yellow N.F.U. gilet. Isn’t she fabulous.

My friend Lucia popped by with the very fabulous Fay from The Crochet Circle. We had a brilliant in depth chat about all that is new and exciting in the yarn world. I am looking forward to catching up with her again.


Finally I saw one of my knitting heroes and lovely friend, Sarah Hatton. Sarah is one of the foremost British Knitting Designers and has worked with all  the greats. She has a new knitting book out with baby patterns. It is so beautiful and all the designs within it have her trademark class.

It was a lovely day. All of the ladies at Black Sheep Wools are so kind and generous. Sara and the gang always make me feel so welcome and it has to be said that the cake is second to none. I do not think I have ever seen the yarn barn so busy. Over the years Yarn Shop Day has really gathered momentum. I am so pleased that Let’s Knit Magazine have continued to co-ordinate and grow this festival. The joy and the excitement in the shop was palpable and it feels like a a wonderful way to support your local shop. I am looking forward to next year now.


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