Summer is made for Crochet

Get the pattern for this beautiful bag

So many people think that as yarn crafters we throw away the hooks and needles as the seasons heat up and the yarn is banished to all the normal hiding places for the short months of summer. But I love the changing seasons for my crochet. Yes I love to make snuggly blankets for chilly months. Come January I frequently make a new hat for the out-door pursuits. But then summer is just as inspiring.

The good people of Stylecraft asked their Blogstars designers if they would be happy to take their either their organic cotton yarn, or Naturals Bamboo cotton yarn and make something perfect for the Beach. YES PLEASE! In cottons I am most frequently attracted to the bright primary colours. I also love to make practical, helpful accessories.


I have chosen to make a bright and glorious Granny Square Beach Bag. The classic gawdy hues that make crochet so attractive and capacious enough to hold all the sandy towels at the end of a joyful day by the sea.

I will admit that I rather selfishly designed this bag so I could use it this summer. Yes it will get much use. I did not line this version as I was keen to get the stretch which crochet can give you. But I did sew some ribbon to the inside of the handles.

I have two top tips for you if you are making this pattern. Use the most colourful and joyful cotton colours you can find. If you find yourself on the beach – you bag will be unlike any other – meaning you will not lose it.

Secondly I do like to block my squares when I am finished. It really helps to get straight edges when you join the squares together. I have once again used my favourite slip-stitch join. It provides a clean and sturdy line between two squares.

There are many gorgeous patterns you can download for this Blogstars Beach festival. I just love the parasol made by the super talented Catherine Bligh. But then also look at Lucia’s fabulous Starfish bag! So much talent.

I will be releasing this pattern for just this week at a sale price on the blog shop and then it will go for sale at my normal pattern price. Please pop over to the blog shop for the pattern.

The very generous people at Stylecraft are doing a fabulous yarn give away for each project with the pattern, and all the yarn for each project. Keep watch on their facebook and instagram accounts for a chance to enter.

So now is the time to make your perfect summer bag for all the joyful gubbins for holiday adventures – if you do make one please do show me your version!