#whyImake – Survival, Solace Solution, Sharing & …to say I love you…

I was chatting with my husband only this week and we were talking about ‘the balance of life’- no small talk there. I was sort of being a bit apologetic that along with the day-job I have other looming deadlines.


Luckily we are both fairly comfortable with the juggling of work/life/passions in our family life.

‘The way I see it – knitting/crochet is a bit like you breathing…you need it to survive’. He said it not in a dramatic way, but quiet and understated and I don’t think he is far wrong.


I seriously don’t think there is day that goes by when I don’t pick up the hook or the needle. At the end of a busy work day – the slow meditative stitching is important to process. The stitches smooth my thoughts back in order. Long journeys are made useful and even joyful with a yarn project. I will admit in this strange isolating times, I yearn for a long train journey. The more I am under pressure, the more important my creativity. I don’t really care what people think – if you know me well and we meet at a social occasion I might get out the wool – but I am always very much present – I can hear you – nothing is lost.


At the saddest or most challenging times in my life, I have NEEDED craft. Something quiet, distracting and ordered. My hands are very practiced at the repetitive rhythms – so no concentration is required… but something good is happening. I have come along-side a number of friends who are grieving or perhaps facing some difficult health or work issue. Sometimes I feel helpless to make any positive difference but I am thrilled to teach them to knit or crochet. The craft is a gift that must be shared not just for what it produces but how it can heal and soothe.



Most of my making is prompted by one of two things. Either finding a practical solution…. ‘Wouldn’t it be helpful to have another potholder…?’ or ‘that beanie hat is looking a bit worse for wear…’ Make-do-and-mend is a great reason to knit and crochet. Oh the satisfaction of solving a practical problem by making the solution yourself.


My design work is really about fun. There may be a new yarn or a new colour combination that has sparked an idea. The best bit of designing is that rush…the magnetic pull to start swatching. I don’t know if it has ever been claimed that crochet is and adrenaline fueled sport – but this bit – the race from idea to first stitches definitely pumps the endorphins. Funnily enough I have some memories where I can look at a design and remember where I was and what it was that inspired the idea. Once I am happy with the final product I’m really keen to share it with you. I love writing the books because they give me an opportunity to share the tips and tricks I have learnt along the way. Sharing our craft is a huge motivator for me and when I see one of my designs on social media or even better in the flesh…well that is an incredible thrill.

…to say I love you…

There a very few adults I will make for now. The pain of re-gifting is the ultimate craft betrayal. Too many re-gifting incidents can break the heart of a crafter. Better to send a bunch of flowers or buy a bottle and let your heart remain in tact.

Without a shadow of a doubt the very best people to make for are children. When you make a toy for a child and they grab it, kiss it, hug it and then name it….that my friends is the jackpot. That is woolly gold.

Children understand the currency of craft-gifting. If you receive a beautifully crayoned portrait of yourself drawn by a four year old, you know you have made it. Perhaps being a bit of a child at heart is why I make a lot of toys. Many of them have to be kept for photographs, some go on book tours, but my favourite are those who are created for a special person. Recently I was sent a video of one of my godson’s playing with a fluffy cloud I had made for him. The joy in his face, the passionate kisses he gave the cloud, the peel of giggles. I’m an old hand – but oh my the tears might have welled up a little.

I turned my phone round to show my husband the little film…’there you go darling…that’s the reason why….’

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